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BreastPump Dilemma

Hey Everyone!

So I will try to keep this short. I decided for the LO that I would use Tommee Tippee products (understanding that the LO might not want it...which would mean I would have to return everything..but thats ok). I initially wanted to purchase the Medela pump because I heard good things about it. The only problem was the price tag. At that time I didn't think my insurance would cover breast pumps. I read through my benefits and I saw that they wouldn't cover it.

So on a trip to Burlington, we actually found the Tommee Tippee electric double breast pump on sale. We ended up purchasing it because it was what we could afford plus I didn't want to purchase a manual pump. The problem was that the box seal was open upon purchase and the cashier did write a note on the receipt. But she wasn't sure if I would be able to return it. I haven't used it...since I haven't had the LO yet...and everything is still in the box. 

Well come to find out that my insurance DOES cover breast pumps. I just have to fill out some form or have my doctor fill it out and send it back with a receipt. So now I don't know if I should stick with the Tommee Tippee pump (which I may not be able to return, but I can try) or if I should go with the Medela pump (which I would have to find a way to pay for it upfront and wait for reimbursement). I obviously can't have both...because that would be a waste of money. 

I looked up the reviews for Tommee Tippee...some were good, some not so much (which is why I hate reading reviews)...and obviously the Medela has its faults as well. Does anyone have the Tommee Tippee electric breast pump or the Medela pump that could offer some advice? 
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Re: BreastPump Dilemma

  • I don't have that pump, but what I would suggest is one, try to see if you are able to return the pump. Keep in mind all stores that I have talked to all say pumps are final sale.
    Since you bought a box that was already opened is a bit weird but you have that argument to try.
    If the store takes it back. Then secondly fill out the application through your insurance and get what you want.
    If the store rightly refuses to refund the pump then try claiming the current pump with your insurance.
    This is what I would try to do first if I was in your position.
  • Unfortunately I have to pay for it upfront. But good news! I was able to return the Tommee Tippee pump and purchased the Medela at BuyBuyBaby. I was able to use a 20% coupon plus they gave me a $25 gift card. I feel much better about the Medela pump only because the Tommee Tippee brand pump is not longer offered in stores and I was worried about getting replacement parts for it. For me having two pumps is unnecessary because I work from home. I really wanted a pump so my DH could help with the feedings. Thanks for the feedback!
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  • For myself personally I pumped into a medela bottle and later transferred to bags in increments that I wanted.
    DD used TT bottles at my moms house. She would keep them there and when she would watch her I would bring a bag of milk.
    DD was not fussy about bottles because she would take a medela bottle as well.
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