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Still breastfeeding?

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Just curious of how many mama's are still breast feeding?
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Still breastfeeding? 191 votes

Yes, exclusively
64% 123 votes
Yes, but also giving formula
16% 32 votes
No, LO is now on formula
15% 30 votes
We did not breastfeed, LO has always been EFF.
3% 6 votes

Re: Still breastfeeding?

  • I weaned at 7 months. I was pretty much EPing and I was sick of lugging my pump around.
  • I started supplementing shortly after he turned 7 months because I had a supply drop from AF.  Well, AF came a week early last Thursday and my supply dipped even further.  Nursing has always been like nails on a chalkboard for me so I decided over the weekend that it was time to start the transition to formula.  I nurse morning and night on work days, started pumping only twice at work.  I'll give that a couple/few weeks and drop it to one pump a week.  On weekends he nurses 4 times and gets a bottle once.  I'll probably replace another of those with a bottle in a couple weeks. Night nursing session will be the last to go. 

    The last few days have really validated my decision to transition to formula.  I can't tell you guys how much I look forward to giving him a bottle rather than having to let him nurse.  As soon as he latches on all I can think about is how soon I can unlatch him.  It's agonizingly stressful.

    Tl;dr  OMG I'm so happy to start giving formula more often!!!

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  • Since I travel for work and DD had a continuous growth spurt through my maternity leave (she was only in the 1% wt when we brought her home) and I was unable to stash more than a week or 2 of BM, DD gets formula/BM mix at DC. However, she is so rambunctious and rough when she eats these days that I've had constant scabbing, blebs, clogs which has been decreasing my output, which frustrates DD so she grabs and pinches more. Terrible cycle.

    I miss the days of loving every second of BF. Things were so much easier!
  • I have always supplemented with formula but I also still bf. I don't pump during the school day so she gets formula at DC and I bf in the early morning and a few times when we get home. She still wakes up most nights (I didn't do very good sleep training) and I nurse then. Think my supply is finally starting to dwindle but I'll keep at it as long as possible. I enjoy nursing and actually hate giving bottles and let everyone else feed her with the bottles.

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  • I weaned at 5 months.  

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  • In the process of weaning now and started giving formula a few times a day to make my frozen BM stash last longer.


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  • Working on weaning now, but I have a large freezer stash so he'll remain EBF until he's 1.

  • Ss*- dd gets bm fortified w formula in her solid foods, but never straight formula in a bottle. She gets nearly as much formula concentrate as bm, its just mixed in to compensate for not fortifying the milk she gets nursing. She still nurses 6x a day.

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  • Started weaning last month. LO is 7.5 months. I'm happy with how far we got.




  • I don't give her a bottle (only have maybe 5 times), but I give her formula in her cereal only. I BF 5 times on average daily.

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  • Still EBF. It's been a struggle to pump enough lately, but I'm hoping we can still make it to 1 year.

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  • I nurse mostly but give 2 bottles a day. I have been recently debating quitting pumping but the only reason I have is that I'm sick of it.

    I have enough frozen milk to last a while, especially if we do 1 bottle bm and the other formula.

    It's been an internal struggle for a while now.
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  • Still pretty much ebf here. We give a but of formula to supplement because she wasn't gaining enough weight but she doesn't drink much of it.

  • Still BF and have a decent freezer stash.  Have cut down to only pumping once at work becasause the second pump was getting harder and harder to fit in anyways. 

  • Still EBFing and for the 1st time I have a baby who isn't dx as failure to thrive.  Apparently 3rd time is the charm.

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    Still EBFing here. I nurse DS about five times during the day and as of late, four to five times per night...



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  • I weaned at 7 months. I was pretty much EPing and I was sick of lugging my pump around.

    Great job! Pumping is a pain! I feel you. I don't know how long I could pump for. I am still ebf. I pump when I work.
    BFP #1 (7/13/12) MC (8/14) 9 weeks. D & C 8/17.
    BFP #2 (5/18/13) due 1/26/14. Grow baby grow!
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  • We're 95% EBF. Every now and then we give a little formula, but since we started solids more regularly that rarely happens anymore. He bit me for the first time last night; that was fun. I'd like to make it to a year, which at this point feels like it's just around the corner :(

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  • We send one bottle of formula and 2 bottles of bm to DC, and A nurses exclusively on the weekends, so the majority of her food is still BM but there's still some formula.

  • I, unfortunately, am not as breastfeeding did not work for us but I am so glad to see how many of you are still breastfeeding! I'm definitely in the "whatever works for you and your baby" camp but it's good to see so many have been able to continue breastfeeding with all the hurdles there are to overcome.
  • I am unwillingly breastfeeding at 7 months. I was going to stop after 3 months but DS refused formula and bottles, so I thought I would work on it and be done with 6months. But DS says "NO." Its been a struggle to get him to eat anything other than BM straight from the source, but he finally started eating a small amount of oatmeal with cow's milk and fruit puree in the evenings. He's no where near where I would like him to be, though--off the boob 100%. 
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  • Cameron will be 8 months on Monday and he is still EBF. Only 4 more months to go! I am proud of myself for sticking with it, but DAMN it's a lot of work!
  • esd said:
    @Babychuu‌ - I'm sorry you're struggling. Question though - did your dr ok cows milk? Babies under 1 should only be getting BM or formula.
    Actually, she was the one who brought up cow's milk after I told her he refused to drink formula. I asked her about the allergy issue and she said that it wasn't a concern unless there was a history of allergy in the family. I was told to watch for signs of allergy or discomfort but if none showed then using cow milk was fine. So far I haven't noticed anything adverse.
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  • Still EBF. He gets 2-3 bottles of expressed milk during the day while I work, but he mostly reverse cycles and typically nurses 2-4 times a night. My plan is to keep on going as long as we are both enjoying it.
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  • I had hoped to make it to a year but unfortunately my supply is almost completely dried up :( it makes mesas but I'm glad there is formula that I can turn to and that my son likes it.
  • Still EBFing here. I nurse DS about five times during the day and as of late, four to five times per night...
    Oof! Also still EBF here. About six times a day and maybe twice at night, I think? I don't really keep track. She has been super hungry at night lately, but fortunately not as hungry as @ccip82‌'s baby.

    I think he is nursing for comfort. He has been sick off and on these past couple weeks and he finally finished some antibiotics. I think they did the trick. Now, he is up about three times a night (which I can handle a LOT better!)



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