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Please help. Trying to stop breast feeding.

My daughter is going to be two years old in two months and today we decided to stop breast feeding. I know it will be painful both physically and emotionally. Do y'all have any tips for me? Anything to do to help with breast pain or to help the milk go away easier? I'm a lost puppy with this situation. Thank you!

Re: Please help. Trying to stop breast feeding.

  • How often is she feeding and for how long? We stopped at 14m and my son was not BF that often or for very long and it was not painful for me at all when we stopped. I did not have any leaking or engorgement issues.

    For us we picked a weekend and set that as our goal.  DH helped run interference if my son tried to get to the boob. DH would come pick him up and distract him with toys or take him outside to run around for a few minutes.  I also made sure to stay very covered up so it was harder to get to the boob since my son had figured out how to unhook my nursing bra straps.  DH also took the lead for naps and bedtime since that was when my son wanted to nurse most often.

    Good luck!
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  • Good luck!  I don't have a whole lot of advice since I stopped nursing when I was about 3 months pregnant with DD2.  My supply was about gone by then so I didn't experience any pain.  I will say that it helped me to stick to being done.  Once you decide that you're done I would recommend being totally done.  Don't let your DD convince you that she wants to nurse.  I think would be way too confusing for her.  

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  • I also had a hard time getting my son off the boob. He was hanging on for the longest time but I kept telling him from the time he was 18 months that he was going to stop at 2 years. When this year started and I stopped him from breast feeding he didn't make a protest, sometimes he would make a gesture towards it but then I redirect him to something else to take his mind off of it and it usually works. Just give it time and keep her off of it, she will get it.
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