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Skyping the family...

My lo is 14 months. We Skype my mom all the time in the USA but rarely my dad and sister. This past week, I finally got my dad and sister on Skype. He sobbed so hard when he saw them that I had to hang up. It's obviously very upsetting to them and me. It just drives home the fact that they don't know each other and that makes me so sad. He loves my mom on Skype though. He shows off for her etc. I guess I just keep trying??? Anyone else experience this?

Re: Skyping the family...

  • It might be up to your dad and sister to make more of an effort on this one. That's how my fam gets prioritized. And honestly mom and gramma do the best so they get most of my time. GL!

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  • My husband haven't seen his family in 7 years, our most used link to them is Skype, we can't either use it whenever we want because Internet connection has been limited in his mom's house due to proximity to a jail, but we talk with them as often as we could via Skype. Thanks to it they could see me pregnant, we showed them the gifts from the baby shower and they could meet the baby. Skype is actually a miracle for us, otherwise they could only listen to our voices for few minutes. We achieved this with help of the youngest members of his family, his mom could never connect by herself.
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