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AW No more helmet!

We went to LO's appointment today and his doctor decided that he is done with his treatment. We looked at scans from his first appointment and scans from today and we are amazed at how much his head improved. You can't tell he ever had a flat head or bulge in his forehead.

Now he's starting to figure out that banging your head into things really does hurt. I was going to post a pic of him with his certificate, but he won't sit still long enough and tries to eat it.
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Re: AW No more helmet!

  • Very exciting! Bye bye helmet!!

    I'm 33 DH is 36 
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    8/2011, 1/2012, 3/2012 IUI #1-3 BFN 
    6/2012 IVF#1 BFN, 8/2012 IVF#2 FET BFN, 11/2012 IVF#3 BFP

    12/10/2012 U/S #1 6w4d - heartbeat  EDD 8/1/13 
    12/26/2012 U/S #2 8w6d - No more heartbeat, MMC; D&C; Chromosome testing normal; male :( RPL testing normal 
    4/3/2013 DX Asherman's Syndrome caused by D&C, hysteroscopy done
    June 2013 IVF #4 planned 
    5/12/2013 SURPRISE BFP! Natural cycle 
    7/11/2013 Panorama results Normal!!! Team Pink, partial previa moved up in 2nd tri
    9/5/13 (19w) AS scan shows short cervix, 2.5 cm 9/19 (21w)  Cervix is worse 1.87cm, bed rest 
    10/26 & 10/27 steroid shots 
    12/19 (35w) DX: SGA Baby went from 57% percentile to 18th percentile in 6 weeks. Weekly BPP and NST until she is here. 
    1/17/18 Growth scan puts Abby below 10th percent in size, low amniotic fluid, and less movement. Time to induce!

    1/18/14 2:11am Abigial Morgan is here! 5lbs 14oz and 18 inches of pure cuteness!!!

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  • Yay!! Congrats! Great news!


    Married June 2010.
    DD born 1/13 via Csection at 41w5d after 47 hours of labor

  • That is awesome!

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  • Thank you ladies! We are so happy.
  • Yay!! Congrats


  • Yay congratulations!!!
    BFP #1 (7/13/12) MC (8/14) 9 weeks. D & C 8/17.
    BFP #2 (5/18/13) due 1/26/14. Grow baby grow!
    Its a surprise! Team green!

  • Hooray!! (And kind of jealous!  Looking forward to the same day over here!)
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  • Thank you ladies!

    @BMReid and @jcwinsto How much longer do your LO's have?
  • Thank you ladies! @BMReid and @jcwinsto How much longer do your LO's have?

    We just got it on August 13th and they said we are looking at about 4 months but he just had a huge growth spurt so I'm hoping only about 3 months total.  A girl can dream, right?
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  • Great news!!

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    BFP #2 5/13/13 * Current EDD 1/23/14

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  • Awesome! We've got 3ish weeks left!

    BFP 11.8.12 * EDD 7.17.13 * MC 12.20.12
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  • @jcwinsto Fingers crossed he only needs it for 3 months. We had it for a total of 10 weeks. I think the worst part was the 100+ degree weather. His poor little head would get so hot.

    @BMReid aww I'm sorry :(

    @blue_elle‌ Yay!! That's so exciting!
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