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Well written article about talking to your child about adoption early and often
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  • Great article, thanks for the share Dr.Loretta!  I was blessed to have parents who took this advice and it always surprised me as I got older and people would ask me "When did you know you were adopted?"  Ummm...always.  Being able to say that made it so easy and natural for always made me think they were so out of the loop.

    I think the one thing that my parents didn't prepare me for was when people would have a negative reaction to it...which thankfully wasn't the norm, but it did happen and when it did, it stung.  I think a lot of perceptions around adoption have changed and the world is much more open about talking about such matters...but I have to imagine there are still people out there with a limited view of the world. 

    I bring this up because I want parents to be aware that this could happen to your children and you need to have an answer for it when it does.  In a way, I'm happy my parents never mentioned ahead of time that this could happen...sometimes ignorance is bliss and I never worried about it.  But when it did happen, they were so surprised too that they didn't really help me through it.


  • Great point Lori. I recently read an article about how to help your child "just say no" in risky teen situations by practicing responses. That sort of role playing would be great to do with AR topics too
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  • Great Article Dr. Loretta!

    Interesting things to think about Lori!


    "Even miracles take a little time"

  • @Spooko...good question, I guess I could have elaborated on that a little bit.  I mostly encountered this during middle school and high school and it was generally from other kids.  I'm sure adoption was never a topic in their home, so they were on their own to form opinions.  I got, "I guess they didn't want you", "how do you live with that?" or even something as simple as "oh that must suck".  I don't think there was any malice in the comments, just ignorance.

    The only time I had an issue with an adult was actually a high school Engligh teacher.  He was an adoptive parent and he adamantly was against open adoptions...needless to say my paper on it didn't go over very well.


  • I think every parent should teach their kid when to tell someone to f' has its place and teaches kids that not every opinion matters!


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