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My experience with LEEP

In case anyone does what I did and search for information on a LEEP, I wanted to share my experience. I was supposed to schedule my first IVF next week, but we had to postpone due to some high risk precancerous cells found on my cervix. I was scared to death about the procedure, so I wanted to let everyone know that my experience was that it's awkward and the medication they give you makes you feel like you're on drugs for a second, but it doesn't hurt. I had it done a couple of hours ago and I can feel the mildest of cramping, but it's no worse than the cramps I get before my period. 

I know this board isn't about cancer and all of this... but I wanted to share in case anyone ever has to go through it. (I hope no one does!)
Our story:
Married 7/2013 - been TTC ever since
Me: 35 - normal test results
Husband: 30 - Concentration:10.8 Million/ml, Motility: 16%, Progressive Motility: 9%, Morphology: 3%
First started talking to fertility specialist in 4/2014
IVF #1 
11/13 - 19 retrieved, 18 ICSI, 15 fertilized. 
Transfer 11/16 - 1 blastocyst transfered, 3 frosties
11/28 - Beta #1 BFP! 12dp5dt beta 1,699
11/30 - Beta #2 14dp5dt 3,400 
12/8 - No signs of baby at first U/S (6 weeks)
12/15 - yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat all there! I'm still pregnant! One girl, due 8/4
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Re: My experience with LEEP

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    In the name of Doctor Google I will add my experience.  My LEEP didn't hurt at all.  I will say though that you can expect some pretty gross discharge toward the end of the recovery period.  I want to say the last week or so I saw some pretty unpleasant things that I was unprepared for.  Make sure you keep panty liners handy!!

    -----------------------------------SIGGY WARNING-------------------------------------

    Me: 31| DH: 36
    TTC #1 Since 07/2010
    DX: Unexplained Infertility
    IUI #1 on 7/3/14 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI (44 million sperm, 1 dominant follie) = BFN
    IUI #2: on 7/28/14 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI (23 million sperm, 2 dominant follies) = BFN

    IUI #3 on 8/22/2014 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI (53 million sperm, 2 dominant follies)= BFP MMC @ 7weeks

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    Mine was not pleasant. Mostly because of my nerves. I was freaking out and crying. The numbing shot made my heart race which made my anxiety worse. Especially since they didn't tell me to expect it. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. I told my OB about that and he said they gave me too much. All that being said I don't remember it hurting. There was one moment where I felt a pinch but that was probably the shot. If I had been calm I think it would have been no big deal at all.

    And speaking of Dr Google. Don't look at the tool they use. Its evil looking.
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    I had a LEEP done April 8, 2013 (the date will never escape me) and I was put under local anesthesia and did not feel a thing! I had discharge for about 3-4 weeks and was told not to have sex for 6 weeks since my lesion was CIN 3 and pretty deep. I healed up nicely and 4 months after the procedure my OBGYN gave me to OK to start trying again. My 6 month PAP came back normal, so fingers crossed my next pap is also normal. I was on a LARGE amount of supplements to decrease the chances of activating the HPV virus, but have since gone off most of them due to TTGP. I will admit it makes me nervous being off my supplements and I feel I have become a bit complacent when it comes to eating super healthy and exercising so I hope to the SUN that my next pap comes back normal. 

    When the RE was doing my IUI I asked if he could see my scare and he said he could and it looked good. My OBGYN and RE never stated that the LEEP would cause any fertility issues. Dr. Google states otherwise, but so far I have no infertility issues specific to the LEEP procedure. 

    GO OUT THERE AND GET YOUR PAPS PEOPLE! F the new guidelines that state we should only be getting them every 3 years. I went EVERY year since I was 17 and ended up with CIN 3 (1 stage below cervical cancer) so either my previous docs sucked at doing PAPS or the virus went into overdrive and I ended up with CIN 3 even though I've NEVER missed a year.

    Me: 33, DH: 32

    TTC: 2 years
    Fertility blood tests all normal
    Tilted uterus
    3 day ultrasound 17 follicles
    HSG: 11/13/13- tubes open
    DH SA: SUPER sperm (145 million, 84% motility, 22% morphology)
    All infection disease and immunity blood tests NORMAL

    FIRST IUI May 2014: 100 mg Clomid days 5-9, third ultrasound CD 13 revealed four follicles 27, 24 and 20 and 13mm. Trigger shot May 28 with IUI May 29 and 30 (fingers crossed) - BFN started spotting 11DPO :(

    IUI #2 B2B 6/23 and 6/24, three mature eggs and 130 million sperm! FX this is the month!  BFN 7/8

    3rd cycle benched due to cysts - TI with OPK tests -  BFN

    3rd mediated cycle: Clomid+Trigger+TI  (three follies left side, one on right as usual....what the hell right ovary get it together and produce some damn follicles!) 7DPO progesterone level 43 with NO suppositories YAY for a natural strong ovulation. Beta canceled started spotting 13DPO - Third time is not a CHARM! 14 day cycle WTF! Everything looks normal - RE wants to start injectables next cycle so this cycle I'm benched

    Officially benched until March....but still plan on trying the baking soda douche due to my excessive and thick CM

    JANUARY SIGGY CHALLENGE...This is so me!


    Love this man....he was so before his time in his thoughts and ideas about the world....been obsessed about him lately bringing it back to the early 90s.


    Never thought I would like long hair....


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