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Annapolis Obgyn... suggestions?

Hi! I just moved to Annapolis a few months ago so I don't currently have an obgyn. I found out I was pregnant last week (yay!!) and have been researching for one ever since but it's a little overwhelming. I don't want somewhere that will feel too impersonal... I had previously switched from a large practice with a lot of rotating doctors and an automated voice message phone system, to a much smaller and more natural practice. I'm hoping to find something similar here. Any suggestions?
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Re: Annapolis Obgyn... suggestions?

  • I go to Chesapeake Women's Care in Annapolis, but they sound more like your old practice. Maybe Special Beginnings in Arnold (close to Annapolis) would be closer to what you're looking for?

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  • I recommend Special beginnings or Bay Area Midwives. 

  • I had my first with Annapolis OB-GYN and switched to Bay Area Midwifery for my 2nd and 3rd. 
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