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STMs first word

So, both my babies say mama and dada now. Obviously, because of their age I'm sure that they're just practicing the sound but don't actually know what they're saying. My question is, how will I know when they've crossed that threshold and are actually talking.


Re: STMs first word

  • I'm just following but I'm curious to know where that line is.
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  • When they look directly at you and say Mama or at DH and say Dada... DD2 just started doing it a few weeks ago.  It took about 2 weeks from when she first said the sounds.  
    I don't know what the experts say,  but I classify 'talking' and 'first words' as the same thing around here...first words being something that's said directly to us.  So the first time DD2 said Mama directly to me was when I walked down the stairs, she looked at me, grinned and said Mama, and then continued to do it more often.  

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  • I agree with @wifetomrb101‌ . When DD started she said 'dada' first and would eventually look at DH with a smile on her face and say it. She did the same with her bottle. She would say 'baba' then reach for it.
    DS has just started. He follows me around saying 'mama' and when DH picks him up he says 'dada'.
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