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The Party.

Well, BD never showed.  And most of the people that showed up, I didn't know or recognize.  One girl who I don't ever remember meeting was like "OMG, you, I know you, you're the one with the kid!" which made me kind of mad.  I don't know you, but yes, I have a child. Thanks.

There was one small group of BD's friends that did show up.  B, a guy who I met several times throughout my relationship with BD but never, ever met my gaze or acknowledged my existence; C, a guy who showed up drunk and coked out; E, C's gf who always rubbed me the wrong way; and L, BD's best friend's gf.  L saw me and called me over, B then started going on about how he hadn't seen me in 2 years and the last time was _____ (I couldn't hear him).  C, E, and B all wanted to see pictures (L is on BD's mom's FB so she sees all the pics that are stolen from my profile) and they all said how cute she was and how much she looked like BD.  No, she does not.  She looks a LOT like me, but she also looks more like BD's mom than she does BD. I can see a couple angles where she may look like BD, but not in any of the pics I showed them.  B started asking me a bunch of questions and then the group asked me to have drinks with them, and I said that I had to go get my BF.  When B heard that, I went back to being invisible. Fuck you, B. Actually, fuck that whole group. Except L, because she was being really cool about how uncomfortable I was.  I did bring BF over to meet them, but B left, C freaked out because he needed to wash his hands before shaking hands with BF (no one knows why) and E was giving BF the elevator eyes.  L was excited and happy for us and wished us well, and not in some condescending way either.

I had my first cigarette since I found out I was pregnant, but I couldn't have more than 1/3 of it.  That little bit helped calm my nerves but I am confident in saying that there is just no way I am a smoker anymore.  That little bit made me sick. Haha... 
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Re: The Party.

  • What a night!! At least L was cool to you about things but the others sound like complete dipshits. Especially E for giving your BF the elevator eyes and anyone who told you that your DD looks like BD because she does not!
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  • Haha, um, well, I saw 2 people I haven't seen in a long time and I've missed them and we chatted but they knew so many more people there so I kind of hung out with BF in a corner since we're both shy-ish. It was a great view, shitty music, and STRONG drinks (I could only handle 2).  That awkward encounter with BD's friends maybe lasted 10 minutes, we were there for about 2 hours, but I was constantly on edge because the room we were in was much smaller than I anticipated and my friend, K, told me there would be too many people there for us to even encounter BD... But, there really wasn't.  There was no way to avoid anyone in that party unless you literally walked around the rope barrier that was between our party and another party.  Which you couldn't do, there was hotel staff eagle-eyeing it all night.
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