Where Else to Advertise?

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I'm looking for free or cheap advertising suggestions. I'll list what we've tried so far.

Personal Website
Google Ads
Facebook Adoption Page
We've shared our FB adoption page in every group we're a part of on FB
Twitter Share
We've made business cards and given them out to everyone we know to share around

Someone suggested mailing cards to planned parenthood's in our state. Does anyone have experience with that?

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Re: Where Else to Advertise?

  • Not sure if Adoptimist is free or legal in your state, but you could check it out.
  • ?
    What about adding a national, mostly online agency to yours, like adoptiononline? I can't remember which one a friend of mine used but I do think it was a bit cheaper and had a much wider zone to reach. They had surprisingly great birthparent resources, too. I know there's the whole cost thing, but it's a thought.
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