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Bottles smell funky

Has anyone had any problems with their bottles developing a funky smell?  I just noticed it last night when our LO ate just a little bit and then started crying.  When I smelled and tasted the formula, it was awful.  We realized that the clean, empty bottles had that same smell, so it wasn't the formula.  I tried boiling them with water and baking soda, and it doesn't appear to have helped.  Any suggestions for getting rid of the smell?  They are Dr. Brown's bottles, so I'd like to not have to buy new ones!

Re: Bottles smell funky

  • Well formula in general tastes awful so I wouldn't worry about that...some brands smell like least to me...but babies don't mind. No idea about the smell though. If you boiled them and let them air dry, then there is no reason why they should still have a weird smell... I didn't use Dr B myself but I know they have a ton of small parts and tubes. Are those clean and dry too?
  • This didn't have the normal weird formula smell.  My husband said the smell kind of reminded him of ramen noodles.  I did boil the millions of parts of the bottles as well.  I'll try the vinegar and see if that helps!
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  • The vinegar seems to have worked.  We will definitely be better about rinsing the bottles out to prevent this from happening again.  Thanks for all of the help!
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  • Yes! So I wash the bottles, let them air dry, then when it's time to feed LO, I have a habit now of smelling the bottle and it reaks! I don't know how to describe but not like formula. So I have to re wash..I now have a bottle scrubber thingy so that helps since LO is eating more now and it's harder to clean.
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