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Looking for Mommy friends in Surprise area!

We're in El Mirage and have been here almost 2 years. All of the mom friends I have out here are girls I went to HS with but our kids are completely different ages or we have very little in common.

DS is 4 and High Functioning Autistic and does pretty well with kids his own age. He's really into Power Rangers and science. We're Atheists (religious preference isn't a big deal to us but I know it is for some people and that's OK!) and are raising our kids to believe in the same values we hold (be a good person and do the right thing because it's what's right!). I'm also due for a 2nd little one at the end of February :)

It's hard to find consistent friends for my son to play with since the other moms are busy a lot or we just don't click, neither do the kids, and I'd love to make mom friends in our area that we can really hit it off with or even a group that we can get to know. I'm technically a SAHM but I work from home and my schedule is pretty open.

Any suggestions on how to find one or anyone looking for a new playmate?
Dr. ACPruchnik, TVMD & SBE

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