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Single pregnant kinda scared

So I guess to make a long story short I'm a 28 yr old single mom. Great job almost done with my masters, athletic ( crossfit/contact sports)... Figured I'd take a break from trying to find mister right.... Which is fine until now I find myself pregnant again with an acquaintances child and he won't speak to me. I'm not sure what to do, what to think, and I'm just so mad at myself.

Re: Single pregnant kinda scared

  • Don't blame yourself for what he does, that's his problem. Just focus on you, the baby growing in your belly, and the LO you already have. He may or may not come around, but you can do this without him. Just take a step back and refocus yourself, and you'll be fine.
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  • Welcome to the board and we will be happy to hold your internet hand along the way. I hope he will come around but if not you absolutely can be all this baby will need and more. You've done it before - you can do it now.
    And don't beat yourself up about it - you didn't find yourself here without help. It took two. Don't put this all on yourself.
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  • Congrats on the new baby. While its unfortunate the father is choosing not to be involved, remember that its his choice and also his loss. It has no reflection on you.

    Welcome to the board!
  • Welcome.  I can't imagine how scared you must be, and I am sorry you are finding yourself in this situation.

    This is a very supportive board, I hope you can find some comfort here.


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  • Welcome! Congrats on your peanut. This is a good place to get some advice and connect with people in similar situations. There are a few of is who are pregnant as well.
  • I am having trouble finding words to express how I feel about your signature, @bookworm92. I can't keep a straight face! HAHA

    OP, welcome to the board!
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  • I'm currently in the process of divorcing my 5 year old's father (mutually) and I found out last month that I'm pregnant. the father is 20 years older than me with a daughter whose a year younger than me. I know he hasnt told them and thats fine i have chosen not to disclose his name when people ask. But I know what you mean. I'm worried because even though right now he still talks to me and we see each other randomly, I just know once i squeeze out this kid he's gonna punk out. I've gotten to the point now where I cant worry about him anymore. My daughter and bun-in-the-oven need me and i will still be kickin with or without him. You gotta do you girl! you got this!
  • @ChelseaZerega89‌ i say this because i care, change your name on the bump. You have your first and last name and presumably birth year in your screan name. Thats enough to google and find you on facebook/pinterest/social media/ or even your posts on the bump
  • I am also 28 and pregnant with a LO, I too am scared because I fund myself in the same boat, with my first daughter her dad has nothing to do with her and I vowed to never have that happen again but I'm now almost 7 months pregnant and will be raising another child without a dad. I get through it by thinking that they are missing out on a wonderful part of life. Hope thongs go smoothly for you :)
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