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Hello ladies! I figured I should do an intro and not just randomly start posting.
My name is Andrea I'm 28. I have a 13 month ds. I post regularly on my BMB.
My csection story:
I had an uneventful pregnancy and was induced at 41 weeks. I was progressing fine and was really excited about meeting my little boy. After the dr broke my water, baby's heartrate kept dropping with every contraction. They had me in every position trying to keep his heart rate up but nothing worked. They took me to the OR for a csection. The cord was wrapped around his neck but luckily he was fine! I was sent to recovery and my baby went to the nursery. I didn't get to hold him for almost 2hrs. I'm still upset about missing those first moments. My recovery was good and my incision healed nicely but I still feel I missed out on having a vaginal delivery and getting immediate skin to skin. We are going to start tfas in the spring and I want so badly to have a vbac. I have my yearly appt coming up and I'm going to ask my dr if they perform vbacs. There are 4 drs in the practice so I'm not sure if they all have to agree yes or no for vbac?
Anyway sorry this became a novel. Can't wait to get to know you ladies!

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  • Hello!  I'm glad you have a healthy baby boy.

    Your story is similar to mine.  Although I wasn't induced, DD's heart rate kept dropping during labor and had the cord around her neck as well. 

    I will also be TFAS soon, and hope to have a VBAC if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again.
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