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Intro... Still in shock!

Hey everyone, I stumbled on the board today and thought I would intro. I have one DD born October '13 and just got a very unexpected BFP on Saturday. I am somewhat in denial and in total shock. After battling infertility the first go around, this is a HUGE blessing and we welcome a new little family member. I'm just shocked how quickly things happened and we were planning to officially start trying after the holidays. Hoping the panic attacks end soon?!?!

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  • Congrats and welcome!  Mine are a bit older now (DD is 3.5 and DS will be 2 next month).  DS was not expected either so I definitely know the feeling.  It's definitely a wild ride!
  • We weren't preventing for our 2u2 either time, but it's still a shock and mental adjustment when it happens quickly...especially now that we are headed towards 3u3. Congrats and welcome to the board.
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  • Congratulations! My boys are 17 months apart and we love the age gap.
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  • I have a Dec09, Nov11, May13 and now Oct14 as well. These will be closer to 16 months (because of their actual birthdays) than the 17 it appears. We were NTNP because we LOVE them being so close in age. Congrats and welcome!!
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    DD#3 - S.R. - 05/20/2013
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    Absolutely in love with our 'big' family!

    I'm also a proud Auntie to a crazy little girl, her brand new baby sister, a little man on his way in the next month, and a sweet little mister we will miss forever!!!
  • Thanks, everyone! Hearing all the positive stories has helped ease the shock :)
  • Hi there!! Welcome.
    We have ours at 11 months 2 1/2 weeks apart. Ahhhh!! These last 5 weeks have been a whirl wind but I love it. Congrats!!

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


  • I have to chuckle because I was in the same boat. Had fertility issues with the first so thought it would take forever for a second. Boy was I suprised when I got a BFP a month before DD turned one. Mine are 19 months apart. LO will be 5 months this week.

    I won't lie to you - it's a gong show here right now. But its also wonderful and amazing and not as bad as I thought it would be :)

    Have fun and Congrats!
  • I understand the shock! My oldest is 22 months today, and my youngest is 10 1/2 months. I got pregnant my wedding night!! They're 11 1/2 months apart. It's rough but a blast. I love it! Call me crazy, but we just started TTC #3! :) 
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    **Hoping for our boy!**
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  • Congrats!  I just joined this group after finding out Monday we are 6 1/2 wks along with #2.  We had to do IVF to get DS and he is almost 14 months.  We were in the process of getting ready to try a round of IUI to see if that would work before spending the big bucks on IVF again.  We were SHOCKED to say the least but so so so happy about it. 
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