Anxiety over 3rd section

I am due in January for baby number 3 and have a 4 year old and a 3 year old. My first C was for my daughter at 39 weeks due to my induction did not progress and they had broken my water 24 hours before to try to get labor going. I never got past 3 cm so they did a C. She was 11 pounds 1 ounce (no gd just a big girl). Recovery was tough since I had been in a bed for 36 hours laboring. Second C section went much easier. It was a planned c at 39 weeks. He was 9 pounds 8 ounces and the recovery was a lot easier. When they opened me up they said I had no scar tissue and was invited back for a 3rd. No one has expressed any concerns about risks to me but I can't seem to shake the feeling that something will go wrong this time because I have been so lucky before. I just keep thinking about my other two children and what they would go through if something happened to me or the little sister they at so looking forward to. Has anyone been through a 3rd that had similar fears? This will be my last as I feel like we are pushing our luck already.

Re: Anxiety over 3rd section

  • Im not on the third but I'm on my second and having a lot of anxiety. I keep scaring myself thinking it will be like the first one and I know it's not. The first was an emergency c-section after failed induction that sent baby and me into distress twice. My mom has had three and keeps telling me I'll be fine which isn't helping my nerves. The only advice I have is that if there was no scar tissue and you were invited back for a third then more than likely you and baby girl will be okay. I keep thinking the same what if something happens to me, but you just have to relax I know it's hard to do bc I'm having a rough time doing it too. Hang in there, don't let your nerves get the best of you. Good luck!
  • That's my go to mantra when I get really anxious, no scar tissue, no scar tissue. It does help a little I guess. Best of luck to you as well!
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  • Im scared for my second, but your doctor would tell you if they thought it was going to be a problem.
  • My Ob said that statistically it is 4 or more where problems arise

    I'm on #3 also. I have a 4 and 23 month old. My section is almost on my 2nds 2nd birthday. I'm a little worried also
  • this is my 3rd as well...not to scarred about it. my first, my daughter who is 9 now, was a emergency c section at 29 weeks, my son who is 5 now was scheduled at 39..they said that there was no scar tissue as well..but i am praying for the best. sending some prayers your way to momma
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  • this is my 3rd as well...not to scarred about it. my first, my daughter who is 9 now, was a emergency c section at 29 weeks, my son who is 5 now was scheduled at 39..they said that there was no scar tissue as well..but i am praying for the best. sending some prayers your way to momma

    >:D< You too! Best of luck!
  • I have my third coming up in January as well and at this point I'm not feeling anxious. My OB also told me I didn't have much scar tissue and said he would do up to 5 c-sections for me (4 is my personal max). I have plenty of friends with multiple sections under their belt who are doing wonderfully so I think of them and their strength - plus, I have a huge amount of confidence in my OB. Sending good luck vibes!!!
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  • My third was extremely easy. Back to normal within 2 weeks. I'm going in for my 4th on 10/3 and am only concerned about a hysterectomy as my doc told me during my third that I was good for a fourth however this time I have an anterior placenta but I have faith that my doctor doesn't want to kill me anymore than I want her to... Maybe not the best thoughts but it helps me ;)
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  • Going in for my third c-section tomorrow.  Dr also mentioned last time I didn't have any scar tissue.  I'm still nervous.  I just keep reassuring myself that it's just an hour procedure.  And after they have her out within the first 15 min, things go quickly after that.  I'm going to chat with my anesthesiologist before hand and let him/her know that I have a very high level of anxiety going in and if I tell them I'm starting to feel overly anxious during the procedure that they need to give me something to calm my nerves.
  • I have had three c sections and all went well. I hope to have my fourth (and final) in May. My OB's wife had seven c sections!!!!!

    My first c section is basically the same as yours. What a mess. I don't think I ever got caught up on the sleep I missed!
  • I am having anxiety over my 5th csection. I totally feel you. Number 3 and 4 were actually my easiest csections. But I'm 37 now and I'm just a tad scared. Good vibes and hugs to you.
  • This will be my 3rd and final.  As I don't have fears that something bad will happen during the surgery, I do have general anxiety surround the surgery.  I am kind of an anxious person to begin with so naturally this would worry me too.

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  • Glad I am not alone. Hugs to you all!
  • Hey all, I'm popping over from April 15. I'm having my 3rd and final c-section in April. My other c-sections went well but I have a lot of anxiety over the 3rd one for some reason. I'm glad I'm not alone in my fears. I'm sure I'll be checking in on this board frequently just like I did for my last two. :)
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  • I'm having my third c-section (due Jan. 5) and I am irrationally nervous about it. I'm dreading getting the spinal, I'm dreading having to be cut open for a third time, I'm dreading the recovery...
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  • Glad I am not alone. Hugs to you all!
  • I've only had one c-section so far, but I totally had the same feeling about "pushing our luck." I felt like we were so lucky to have two healthy kids and pregnancies and maybe we were pushing it at our ages (I am now 39), but then I kept reminding myself that some people successfully have like 10 kids. We have so many friends who have had tons of issues and miscarriages. Our #3 had single umbilical artery, I had high fluid, and she was breech so we had all sorts of worries (unfounded; all was fine) and now we are expecting #4...hoping to get lucky again! So far all is looking good but it's hard not to be nervous. 

    I think your feelings are normal. Remember odds are very good that everything will turn out just fine!
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  • I feel the same way! 2 unplanned csections so this will be my first planned one which actually makes me really nervous. I am going to try to not worry about it until later in the pregnancy...or at least try not to worry
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