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I hate toys with batteries

I was playing with DS in the living room and watching a movie when I started to hear funny music. A toy in the playroom that has to be pushed to make noise was upside down making noise. I shut it off. About 45 minutes later I hear another noise. I look in the playroom and a toy that has to be jumped on is making noise.It stopped. I turned around and it did it again. Both kids were sleeping.

Needless to say I'm a bit freaked out. No point in this really. I'm just freaking out.

Re: I hate toys with batteries

  • Take the batteries out.

    Then put them in a drawer 'cause those suckers are expensive and throw out the possessed toys.

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  • We have something in the office that beeps or clicks or something every once in awhile. Like a timer to some board game or something. We can't find it cause it goes off once and doesn't do it again until the next day or up to weeks later. We don't recognize it to know which game it is. But it freaks us out everytime we hear it.

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  • Nothing else made noise last night. The kids and I slept on the couch and the dogs in the living room. I think batteries will be coming out today.
  • That is so weird. Do you have ghosts? ;)


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  • @kiki1978‌ lol thought we might for a minute. The first toy that went off plays music and then sounds like kids laughing. It's awful.
  • We had one that went when it got dark.  Scared the crap out of me a few times, until I figured out that it had a light sensor on it.  That one got donated.  

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  • We haven't had toys go off but we've been visited by someone who enjoys opening and closing my kitchen cupboards.
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