24 weeks and tired of being scared.....

I try so hard not to worry. I try to focus on making it week by week by week and such. I try to sit back and find joy when I feel my little girls twirl and dance inside. I try...... but really, I am so scared. I have a lot of crampy days, usually caused by something as silly as gas, round ligaments, or some such. I have bouts of Braxton Hicks which scares me. Every little ache, pain, cramp, trickle or weird feeling sends my irrational mind reeling. I love these babies so much, and this pregnancy is so different from the one I had with my singleton..... I am just scared. I don't want to be scared.....
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Re: 24 weeks and tired of being scared.....

  • Being scared is natural. What I did was try to think about when the babies arrive & I would no longer be pg anymore - how much I would & will miss that feeling of them inside. And knowing that this was my last pg as we were done having children after, it helped me to try to enjoy as much as I could around the pain & fear. Hugs to you!!!
  • I had a lot of fear until I hit 28 weeks. It really stole the enjoyment out of the first and second trimester for me. I refused to buy stuff and just stuck my head in the sand about the whole thing. It has been getting better since I hit 28 weeks.  I feel like its getting better. Now I am just worried about what to do when the twins get here.

    Hang in there. Hopefully it will get easier and less stressful for you.
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  • I'm still scared and the boys are 5 months old. You'll learn to live with it. Pregnancy is the start of motherhood, so it's good practice until LOs get here :) you're doing great!
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  • There's always some fear/anxiety with pregnancy in general, and more so, understandably with multiples.  24 weeks is a great milestone, though.  You're well over halfway to meeting your new babies.  Do you find it helpful to ask questions and read others' questions on here?  That might alleviate some of the anxiety.  You're doing awesome, mama.  

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  • These forums have been awesome at helping with the anxiety. There is a comfort in being able to be in contact with people in the same boat..... Is also great that I can voice my thoughts and fears here and no one acts like,I am the crazy looney I sometimes feel like I am. :)
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  • Pregnancy and parenting are scary. But if you feel like it's out of control, I'd recommend getting into therapy.
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  • I was pretty terrified from the moment I found out we were expecting twins until the day I delivered. In the end, my twin pregnancy ended up being “healthier” than my singleton pregnancy. But I was very well aware of all of the risks and complications that could come up in a multiple pregnancy and I just couldn’t help but wait for “the other shoe to drop.” Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but I really wish I could have found a way to let go of some of the fear and anxiety I had when I was pregnant with my twins. Hang in there, mama! You have made it so far already! Good luck to you :-)

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  • I am in week 18 and so scared! I wish I was where you are!
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