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Should I actually read the 50 Shades series?

Are they lame or worth reading?  Easy reads?  I feel silly asking but I am just wondering what all the hype has been about.

Re: Should I actually read the 50 Shades series?

  • Agreed with everything that has been said. I read the second book as well because I was on a long flight and they were bogo in the airport. It pretty much sucked as well. Didn't read the third.
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  • Ok, that answers it.  Won't bother :)  Thanks ladies!
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  • I haven't read any of books, but I've heard people say that if you want a better written "lady-porn" series you should read Sylvia Day's crossfire.

  • Please don't, there is much better smut out there if you're curious ;-) The characters in those books have very unhealthy relationships
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    But WHAT is the big DEEAAALLL with them??? Like, why are they making a movie? 

    ETA nevermind.  Why do they make movies from any books lol.  
  • The books are horrible just like everyone said. Everything was poorly written. I read them all cause I just had to know how it ended. I think the second and third had even more sex. After a (short) while I just started skipping past the sex scenes. That made the books super short since they're pretty much all sex all the time. And all the same sex after awhile. I'll probably still go see the movies. They have to be better than the books since the books were so bad.
  • Bad bad bad...that girl "flushes" more than a stadium bathroom at the big game.
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