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-:- 3T Weekly Check-In -:-

Welcome to the weekly check-in! 

Reply to this post if you would like your information updated.  Please post an update at least monthly so I know you are still active - even if your info hasn't changed.  You will be removed if you go more than four weeks without posting.  

If you would like to be added or updated, please answer the questions below:

1. What is your name (if you want to share)?
2. When did you start TTC (month/year)?
3. What is your diagnosis (if you have one)?
4. What treatments are you doing?

For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?

If you are finally getting your BFP, please PM me so I don't miss it!  Also this helps me avoid posting an ambiguous BFP if you're not ready to officially call it.


QOTW: Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

February 2014 BFPs
::PCOS & MFI / IVF#1
::unexplained / Injects + IUI#6
::PCOS / Femara + IUI#4
March 2014 BFPs
::adrenal hyperplasia / Injects+ IUI 2.3
::PCOS+Endo / Injects+TI
April 2014 BFPs
::unicornate ute / FET#1
May 2014 BFPs
::unexplained / Follistim+IUI#3
::unexplained / IUI#1
::endo+PCOS / femera+follistim
::endo / IVF#2
June 2014 BFPs
::PCOS / natural cycle
::MFI / injects+IUI#3.1
::MFI / injects+IUI#2
::unexplained / IVF
::donor sperm / follistim+IUI#6
July 2014 BFPs
::unexplained / follistim+IUI#3
August 2014 BFPs
::PCOS / Clomid
::chemo induced IF / injects+IUI
::annov / Clomid
::PCOS / natural cycle
::PCOS / Femara + TI
::unexplained / IUI#2
::unexplained / clomid+IUI#3

**amylev80 - TTC since 2007
treatment: natural cycle
**AnnaClaire256 - TTC since 3/2012
treatment: Clomid + IUI#2
**Ashlee8809 - TTC since 7/2013
treatment: RE appt
**Autumray - TTC since 10/2012
treatment: Femara
**DharmaChick - TTC since 9/2012
treatment: IVF
**DSculley1824 - TTC since 2/2014
treatment: obgyn appt
**jennym25 - TTC since 8/2011
treatment: Femara + B2B IUIs
**Juneroses - TTC since 1/2012
treatment: letrozole + TI
**LindseyM2012 - TTC since 9/2013
treatment: self-benched
**LLM100811 - TTC since 6/2013
treatment: benched
**masterofallcheese - TTC since 6/2013
treatment: Clomid
**MrsS728 - TTC since 1/2013
treatment: Clomid
**nighthawk646wife / Ana - TTC since 10/2012
treatment: metformin & progesterone
**PeanutRN - TTC since 9/2013
treatment: RE appt
**steen9713 / Simeonne - TTC since 2/2014
treatment: metformin + provera
**TiffW2012 - TTC since 5/2013
treatment: Femara + TI
**TTCBabyJ - TTC since 1/2013
treatment: on break

**amlrunner - TTC since 7/2012
treatment: benched
**awiley10 - TTC since 11/2011
treatment: IUI
**BlueJoan - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: IVF 
**BunnyBerry - TTC since 1/2009
treatment: letrozole + IUI
**chicory - TTC since 6/2012
treatment: onto IVF
**EmilieT10 - TTC since 11/2012
treatment: IVF + ICSI
**Hollowvic / Victoria - TTC since 12/2013
treatment: swiching Res
**Kcheese / Katie - TTC since 12/2011
treatment: Femera + IUI#4
**kristyn831 - TTC since 7/2013
treatment: IVF+ICSI
**ky29 - TTC since 3/2012
treatment: IVF - stimming
**MrsLolaSky - TTC since 8/2013
treatment: IUI next month
**TLooney17 / Tiffany - TTC since 1/2013
treatment: natural cycles until IVF in Nov

Combination / Other
**athlete010688 - TTC since 6/2012
dx: endo 
treatment: natural cycle
**BethKate2 - TTC since 7/2012
dx: endo 
treatment: still testing
**ChristieH917 - TTC since 10/2012
dx: Tube removed / blocked
treatment: benched - on BCP, IVF in Sept
**DaydreamSam - TTC since 11/2009
dx: PCOS and Endo
treatment: natural cycles until IVF
**EastBayBride508 - TTC since 1/2013
dx: one ovary/tube, uterine fibroids
treatment: benched
**emilee871 - TTC since 4/2012
dx: Endo / 1 ovary
treatment: IVF
**Emma61210 - TTC since 1/2012
dx: ovulatory dysfunction
treatment: Clomid + IUI#2
**iPutKetchupOnKetchup - TTC since 5/2013
dx: uterine didelphys & annov cycles
treatment: waiting for AF
**Je11yBean85 - TTC since 11/2013
dx: hypothalamic amenorrhea
treatment: benched
**jessimi06 - TTC since 4/2012
dx: PCOS & MFI
treatment: FET in sept/oct
**kkeglar13 / Keri - TTC since 1/2010
dx: PCOS & low count/morph
treatment: Letrozole + TI
**kushie77 / Leah- TTC since 5/2012
dx: hashimoto's, PCOS, MFI
treatment: natural cycle
**Radiantly - TTC since 12/2013
dx: Endo, blocked right tube
treatment: natural cycle
**rainbowbridge14 - TTC since 10/2012
dx: PCOS & MFI
treatment: bravelle + IUI#4
**Rcvb22 - TTC since 3/2010
dx: endo / unexplained spotting
treatment: IVF - stimming
**RunCC37 - TTC since 3/2012
dx: Poor embryo quality, arcuate uterus, mild endo
treatment: continuing with testing
**SnakeFisherBub - TTC since 11/2012
dx: fibroid / cyst
treatment: follow up from lap
**StacyLH24 - TTC since 7/2013
dx: endo & uterine septum
treatment: FET
**triathlete23 - TTC since 9/2013
dx: annov / low morph
treatment: self-benched until repeat SA
**twinkie0612 - TTC since 8/2011
dx: low prog, hostile CM, high act NK cells, poor egg qual
treatment: IVF#4 late fall

**ashtownyeah - TTC since 6/2013
treatment: Clomid + IUI
**aves0708 - TTC since
treatment: Clomid + IUI
**Buttmonkey34 - TTC since 3/2012
treatment: IVF
**emmuffy - TTC since 
treatment: estrace/androgel - IVF in Sept
**JericaLH - TTC since 4/2013
treatment: RE appt 8/18
**kmdecoux - TTC since 7/2010
treatment: Clomid + IUI#3
**lisa89760 - TTC since 1/2013
treatment: Femera + IUI#3
**.Mrs.Matt. - TTC since 12/2012
treatment: femara + IUI#4
**ronniesgirl1981 / Aimie - TTC since 8/2012
treatment: IUI#3
**Sewfie - TTC since 3/2012
treatment: femara + IUI #2
**stace2524 - TTC since 3/2013
treatment: clomid + IUI#4
**theholmanherd - TTC since 11/2012
treatment: on break

No diagnosis yet - testing
**murrt / Tara - TTC since 9/2013
more testing
**JlambertJen - TTC since 9/2013
**DarcyHermione - TTC since 5/2013
**LSantay - TTC since 12/2012
**mjcbwlbaby - TTC since 7/2013
waiting for dx
**BandM14 - TTC since 7/2013
**bibliothecary - TTC since 8/2013
**Diordra - TTC since 6/2013

TTC since March 2012
DX: MFI (4% motility)

Cycle 13: Natural cycle w/ HSG test = BFP
Identical twins! 
Lost my angel boys at 10.5 weeks

Cycle 14-16: Natural Cycles = BFN
Cycle 17: Follistim + Trigger + IUI = BFN
Cycle 18: Natural Cycle = BFN
Cycle 19: Follistim + Trigger +IUI#2
Polyp found: SIS 11/11 - hysteroscopy 11/14
Cycle 20: Follistim + IUI#2 = BFFN
Cycle 21: Follistim (adj. dosage) + IUI#3 TI  = BFN
IUI cancelled due to weather
Cycle 22: Follistim + IUI#3.1 = BFN

Cycle 23: treatment break, IVF consult
Cycle 24 - 26: natural cycle w/ acupuncture + Chinese herbs = BFN
Cycle 27: Follistim + IUI#4 = BFFN
Natural Cycles until IVF
Cycle 30: IVF#1 - Starting with Menopur + Follistim + Ganirelix
17 retrieved, 12 fertilized, 5dt w/ 2 blasts, 5 frosties

Betas:  #1-156(9dp5dt), #2-1200(13dp5) #3-6112(17dp5)
Ultrasound #1 10/6: 1 bean!

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    @ky29, good luck! And I love Express. I have so many clothes from them.
    Love 2010 | Marriage 2011 | TTC #1 since 2012
    PCOS | Anovulatory | Metformin + Letrozole
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    @ky29‌ love the phrase oodles of embryos! Fx for you, sounds like you're well on the way! I just started the stims last night!! Hoping for lots of embies but with my low AMH I'd be doing very well to get 10 or more. I'm on 300 gonal, so,pretty high dose, trying to get as much as I can

    Official diagnosis: Unexplained IF. I am 32. I have low ovarian reserve (low AMH), and poor egg quality. I've also been diagnosed with mild glandular developmental arrest (lining problems, detected with EFT).

    We are using open ID donor sperm. IUIs #1-7=BFN. IVF September 2014 antagonist protocol, 8R,5M,3F, 5 day transfer of 1 morula = BFN. IVF#2 planned for January 2015 (antagonist protocol + HGH).

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic image

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    CD 10 for me. My first monitoring appt is on Tuesday. FX I'm ready to go. If so, IUI #2 should be Thursday morning.

    QOTW: Most of my work clothes are from Express, Banana Republic or New York and Co. My casual clothes mostly come from Old Navy or Target.

    Me (29) DH (37)

    Married 7/11

    Actively TTC 3/12

    DX: PCOS

    Current treatment: Break from IUIs until after the holidays

    -----All Welcome----


    ~~~January 3T Siggy Challenge: New Year's Resolutions~~~

    (I don't do I stole T-Rex's)



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    Benched while preparing for surgery. Finally have a surgery date - Nov 5th! I got my 1st shot of Lupron last Thu. So far I've had some headache here and there but overall the side effects haven't been terrible. I'm bummed that I'll be benched til at least January ... but hanging in there and grateful to have a new surgery plan that I'm more comfortable with.

    QOTW: I love Anthropologie, Banana Republic and Macy's
    **Formerly EastBayBride508**

    Me 34   Him 33

    Me - Left salpingo-oophorectomy at 19 due to large cyst/torsion  and 2 large uterine fibroids found at age 30
    Him - Borderline low sperm count (correcting through Fertility Blend supplement)

    Married 8/20/2011
    TTC #1 since Jan 2013
    First appointment with RE 10/2013.  
    April 2014 - Clomid 100mg CD3-7.  HCG shot CD10 IUI #1 done on 4/12/14 (CD12) ....BFN
    May 2014 - Break cycle to repeat saline sonogram and re-group.  Travel to Kauai 5/7-5/12 (Yay!!)
    June 2014 - Clomid 150mg CD4-8.  HCG shot CD14.  IUI#2 done on 6/9 and 6/10 (CD15-16) w/ Prometrium suppositories during TWW .... BFN
    July 2014 - Clomid 150mg CD3-7.  Ultrasound CD12 - 4 mature follies! HCG trigger shot CD12 AM.  IUI#3 on CD13 w/ Prometrium suppositories during TWW ....BFN
    July 2014 - Repeat ultrasound done to measure size of fibroid - 8x9cm (the size of a grapefruit!) Surgery referral made.
    August 2014 - MRI done which revealed 2 fibroids: a 13x15cm fibroid as well as an 8x7cm one.  Super freak out mode over surgery plan.  OB-GYN/surgeon said surgery would most likely have to be a laparotomy (open abdominal surgery)
    August 2014 - After a 2nd opinion, plan to take Lupron x 2 months to shrink fibroids then laparoscopic/robotic myomectomy.  Surgery date is set for Nov 21st!  
    November 2014 - Robotic myomectomy done (2 large fibroids removed, mild endo found).  Benched x 3 months

    PAIF/SAIF welcome
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    Only 2 days into my 2WW on our last IUI. Have already discussed with MD moving on to IVF, but will have our official consult if this cycle is BFN.

    QOTW: Most of my clothes come from either kohl's, ny&co, or a second hand store.  I don't object to anywhere that is having a sale/clearance!


    Me: (30) HSG/Bloodwork/Ultrasound: All looks good

    DH: (30): MFI

     IUIs #1-4 = BFN

    IVF #1 December January

    **********************All Welcome**********************

    January 3T Siggy


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    started CD 1 today, and get an ultrasound to check for cyst on Tuesday and start first round of Letrozole. Still continuing the metformin but finished the provera. :) hoping for some progress and ovulation with the letrozole.

    QOTW: I love to shop at JC Penny's! :)
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    Well I am on CD17. RE office decided to Cancel my trigger due to slow growth of follies (CD15 only an 11 and 13 up from a 9and 11 on cd12).We arent out (til AF shows lol) this month RE suggested to still try considering I may just O late. They are going to figure out what to do next month since I O so late. (19-24 usually) hoping a little earlier though my OPK seems to be getting much darker though so I am hoping I O on my own again and we are BD EOD as to catch the timing FX I wont have to use my Ovidrel next month! (However thats a lotta scratch to waste!) I am not giving up thiis cycle!!! (even though I really want to) Now me and DH are planning on going to ride roller coasters on Tues.  I need some fun and fried food!!!!

    QOTW: Dots was my favorite store to get clothes! But they went belly up... Now I dont have a clue where to go!!!!=( (I bought so much stuff though when they went out of buisness this spring I should be set for quite a while lol)
    *** Siggy Warning ***
    Me:30 DH:33
    TTC since 10/12 
    HSG- Tubes Clear slight scarring on UTE (unexplained)
    DH SA- Normal
    10/12-6/13 Natural 
    Pcos Dx 7/13 Metformin 500mg x2 daily
    4/14 Provera  10days  then Clomid 50mg CD5-9 (BFN)
    5/14 Provera 10days then Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
    6/14 (no provera yay!) Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
    7/14 Natural Cycle Moving on to RE appt not til 7/31 (BFN)  
    8/14 Plan of action! Moved up to 1500mg Metformin, Femara 3-7 (Trigger canceled due to not big enough follies and holiday weekend) (BFN)
    9/14 7.5mg Femara CD3-7 +ovidrel  (BFN)
    10/14 5mg Femara(3-7) Follistim 75 (7-9) +Ovidrel +TI (last treatment cycle this year Breaking til after Holidays) (BFP! Beta #1 114, Beta #2 364)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALL ARE WELCOME! ~~~~~~~~~


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    RadiantlyRadiantly member
    edited September 2014
    Hi ladies
    I am Oing around now. I haven't been temping the last 2 months because I've been trying to de-stress. I did the last couple days because I wanted to catch the upswing but I can't tell now if I have or not. Friday I had tons of EWCM (second month with EW-- in the last it's just been watery) and we BD Friday night, skipped Saturday (I always seem to skip that one day every single month!) and BD yesterday morning with the OPK++. I havnt had O pains this month (every month is so different). I guess we will BD today too and tomorrow. A lot of BDing!

    Thinking about envisioning clearing the endo from my tubes. I am going to call my RE ad ask about how hard it is to schedule the lap surgery in November. He said he does it Thursdays so you can be back to work Monday. My work schedule is not nailed down for November yet. I run corporate events so the fall is only starting to fill in. I have a very busy October and early December.

    As for shopping I like ESPRIT but they closed all the US stores dammit. I shopped there in Paris in Feb and very thing I bought gets compliments. Otherwise I have a high quality problem. Love Frye boots ... Drool... I get jeans at Joes jeans. I also like camping and went to Freeport Maine this month and got the most awesome stuff at Horny Toad. Fleece lined sweatshirt! Macys is good too for the racks If I'm in the mood.

    This board means so much to me. Thanks all!
    TTC#1 since Aug 2013, I'm 37, DH 41.  
    Maya Arvigo Abdominal massage (daily self care), plus TTC meditations.
    I'm very sensitive to diet (gluten, avoid processed foods) and environment. Have a history of inflammation and tendinitis before going off gluten in 2009.  
    July 2014 - RE Visit #1: Eggs look good, Endometrioma on R ovary, HSG showed blocked R tube close to ovary. DH SA normal 
    DX: Endometriosis probably the IF cause and gunking up tubes.  Since egg reserve is high, RE says I can wait a couple months and then get laproscopic surgery to remove endo & clear tube.  If that doesn't help then move to IVF. 
    Dec 2014 - Saw new RE - does not recommend surgery on tube as it isn't likely to help.  Doubts I have endometriosis.  My endometrioma shrunk to neglible size (yay!) 
    Seriously considering IVF in March/April
    12/17/14 - Natural BFP! 
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    AnnaClaire256AnnaClaire256 member
    edited September 2014
    Welcome to 3T @rachelkeller‌! Glad you found us! The ladies here are amazing for support and advice. You should post a new discussion with your full intro just in case anyone misses it here.

    Edit: Never mind you already did! Ha! You've got this!

    Me (29) DH (37)

    Married 7/11

    Actively TTC 3/12

    DX: PCOS

    Current treatment: Break from IUIs until after the holidays

    -----All Welcome----


    ~~~January 3T Siggy Challenge: New Year's Resolutions~~~

    (I don't do I stole T-Rex's)



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    I've been on the board for a few weeks just haven't checked in yet.
    My name is Jill and my husband and I have been ttc since June of 2013, I have PCOS. We are on our second month of femara + ovidrel and are now currently in the 2ww.

    I'm a shopper and will go anywhere, but J. Crew and Gap are my favorites :)
    Me: 26, PCOS, Clear HSG
    DH: 29, Perfectly Normal SA

    Married Since 10/6/2012
    TTC Since 6/2013

    2/2014: Visited OB-GYN, Low Progesterone
    3/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
    4/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
    5/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN
    6/2014: 50 mg Clomid, Ovulated, BFN

    7/2014: First RE visit, Diagnosed with PCOS, Started on 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + TI, 1 22mm Follicle, BFN
    8/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + TI, 2 Mature Follicles, BFN
    9/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #1, 3 Mature Follicles, BFN
    10/2014: 5 mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #2, 1 Mature Follicle, BFN
    11/2014: 5 mg Femara + 75 mg Follistim + Ovidrel + IUI #3, 3 Mature Follicles, BFN
    12/2014: Starting IVF in January

    1/2015: IVF with ICSI, Currently Stimming

    *****Everyone is Welcome*****

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    Welcome @rachelkeller. I was also diagnosed with PCOS in August 2013. I hope you stay is short but you enjoy these ladies as much as I do while you are here.
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    Hi!!  First good luck to all the ladies in the TWW and ((hugs)) to anyone who is having a rough IF week.

    I am 2/3 days past IUI's.  I go in tomorrow for progesterone check and then I wait.  I stopped by the dollar store to grab some cheapie tests so I can test out my trigger, but  I really have zero expectations for this cycle.  DH has great numbers, but the freezing and washing seriously cut those numbers down so I guess we'll see.  DH is very hopeful, he thinks even frozen his guys can "get the job done".  He makes me smile :)

    Me (29): Hashimoto's, CD3/7DPO bloodwork & ultrasound normal, HSG & SHG(x2) all clear
    DH (29): SA Perfect
    TTC Since Jan '13, First RE Appt Jan '14
    DX: Unspecified Ovarian Dysfunction, Long Cycles
    May '13 BFP, C/P 4w3d
    Apr '14:  50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #1=BFP,  Natural M/C 6.5wks
    Aug '14: 50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #2=BFN
    Oct '14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + IUI#3 =BFN
    Nov 14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI#4=slow response, bad lining, cancelled
    FU with RE, more bloodwork: Anticardiolipin +
    Dec 14: 5mg Letrozole+baby aspirin +ovidrel + B2B IUI#4.1=BFFN
    Jan '15: 5mg Letrozole +baby aspirin + ovidrel +B2B IUI #5= BFP!! 
    Beta #1 210  Beta #2 546

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    .Mrs.Matt..Mrs.Matt. member
    edited September 2014
    Unfortunately moving on to IUI #5. I had a hard time last week, I'm just so tired of this!! I wish we could do ivf now but hopefully insurance will cover it early next year. Probably taking a true break after this one.

    Qotw: old navy, h & m, and target!

    Edit: Forgot to mention my first round of Gonal F last month left me with a small cyst, apparently not big enough to disrupt the next cycle... I'm hoping it disappears and doesn't get larger with more stims! Good luck to everyone this week!
    Married in 2006, TTC since Dec 2012
    Unexplained IF, Hypothyroidism

    IUI's 1 - 3: Femara + Ovidrel = BFN
    IUI's 4 - 5: Femara + Gonal F + Ovidrel = BFN

    IVF Jan 2015. 21R/18F/15 still growing on day 2
    Transferred two beautiful embies on day 2, beta 1/29

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    Currently at 11dpiui, got a BFN this AM which was a bummer. Planning on testing again tomorrow to be sure.

    Question for you ladies: my beta is scheduled for Thursday, if I get a BFN again tomorrow I'm going to call my RE to add a consult for next steps. Would it be safe to assume I can stop the Crinone? I'm going to ask my RE as well but I don't want to prolong my period any more if it's coming anyways!

    QOTW: @Rcvb22‌ we are shopping twins! I love Zara and H&M and get tons of my clothes there!
    ***pregnancy and loss mentioned***

    Me: 31 DH: 31
    Dx: unexplained IF
    TTC since March 2013 
    IUI#1 with OB: BFN (April 2014 - clomid 50mg)
    IUI#2 with OB: BFN (June 2014 - clomid 50mg)
    IUI#3 with OB: BFN (July 2014 - clomid 50mg)
    IUI#4 with RE: BFN (August 2014 - clomid 50mg, ovidrel 250mcg, Crinone 8%)
    IVF #1 with pICSI in November
    ER 11/13 - 14R, 13M, 11F
    ET 11/19 - 2 grade AA hatched blasts transferred
    Beta #1: 58 - BFP!!, Beta #2: 140, Beta #3: 347, Beta #4: 931
    First u/s 12/19 - baby measuring 6w4d with HR of 116
    Second u/s 12/29 - baby measuring only 7 weeks, no heart beat detected
    01/02/15 - misoprostol administered vaginally

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    CarSaidYesCarSaidYes member
    edited September 2014
    Day 4 of clomid here. I got to the dr on Monday and I hope to see some good sized follies. Cycle is going well so far. Does anyone have exhaustion and no appetite side affects from the clomid? Kinda annoying. My fav place to shop is Macys. :) Edit to add following I for for @ky29‌ 1. What is your name (if you want to share)?Car 2. When did you start TTC (month/year)?April 2014 3. What is your diagnosis (if you have one)? PCOS 4. What treatments are you doing? IUI (#1)
    Me: 26 (IC/PCOS-2000mg of Metformin daily)

    June 2014- HSG=clear

    DH: 27 (SA results were great minus the slightly low morphology)
    Started dating DH in 2002 at 14 years old
    Married on 03.01.2014
    Officially TTC since April 2014 
    January 2013- Surprise BFP, m/c at 6 weeks, D&C 2 Weeks later
    April 2014- First RE appointment
    July 2014- IUI#1-Canx due to scar tissue and polyps. TI with the help of Ovidrel. BFN

    August 2014- Hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue and polyp

    September 2014- IUI #1.1-100mg Clomid, Ovideral, 11.5 million swimmers=BFP

    EDD-6/3/15- Our sweet baby Ryan was born on 1/6/15 and is in the arms of an Angel

    Dx with IC on 1/6/15

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    Who the heck knows whats going on with my cycle..... I am on CD19 FF says 3DPO which I dont believe since CD15 I had only an 11mm and 13mm follie so unless them follies had miracle grow overnight then its gotta be wrong. Anyway.... Friday follies hadnt made much change so RE decided to cancel my Trigger this cycle (due to the holiday weekend I assume) Told me we can hope I O on my own and try to just BD EOD til  then. So I suppose we wait and see.  ~X(   #-o stupid body...
    *** Siggy Warning ***
    Me:30 DH:33
    TTC since 10/12 
    HSG- Tubes Clear slight scarring on UTE (unexplained)
    DH SA- Normal
    10/12-6/13 Natural 
    Pcos Dx 7/13 Metformin 500mg x2 daily
    4/14 Provera  10days  then Clomid 50mg CD5-9 (BFN)
    5/14 Provera 10days then Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
    6/14 (no provera yay!) Clomid 50mg CD5-9  (BFN)
    7/14 Natural Cycle Moving on to RE appt not til 7/31 (BFN)  
    8/14 Plan of action! Moved up to 1500mg Metformin, Femara 3-7 (Trigger canceled due to not big enough follies and holiday weekend) (BFN)
    9/14 7.5mg Femara CD3-7 +ovidrel  (BFN)
    10/14 5mg Femara(3-7) Follistim 75 (7-9) +Ovidrel +TI (last treatment cycle this year Breaking til after Holidays) (BFP! Beta #1 114, Beta #2 364)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALL ARE WELCOME! ~~~~~~~~~


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    I am on cd 5 of a natural cycle. I have to admit I am kind of enjoying these non medicated cycles. My skin is finally back to normal and I had very few leading cramps leading up to AF compared to what I had on my iui cycles. I am also way less stressed even with planning for ivf.

     We received our estimated cost for IVF #1, and it is better than I thought it would be :). I also emailed the ivf nurse last week letting her know what day ( October 16th) I plan on starting bcp's. I asked for an idea of how the cycle would go from there and what meds they thought I would be using. They are going to get so sick of me. Lol!

    I like to shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I get a lot of my work clothes at New York & CO. I also like to shop online at The Blue Door Boutique. It's one of my favorites!


    TTC #1 January 2009
    January 2010 SA results: Count 16 million, Motility 40%, Morphology 2%
    January 2010- Surprise BFP! DS born 10/1/2010 :)
    January 2013 TTC #2
    September 2013 Repeat SA: Count= 1.7 million, Motility= 24%, Morphology= 2%
    November 6th 1st Appointment with RE: diagnosed with severe MFI
    Testing to try to determine a cause & possible treatment for MFI
    CD 3 blood work for me. RE does not want to repeat my HSG/lap at this point,
    but may want to before moving forward with any fertility treatments.
    After seeing the uro, DH is currently taking lots of supplements and clomid to try to boost his count. We will have a repeat SA in February to see if it works.
    Follow up SA numbers are: Count= 4 million, Motility= 40%, Morphology= 1%
    Uro wants us to have another follow up SA 5/9 to see if we see further improvement than we are back to the RE to make a game plan.

    SA 5/9/2014 Count: 12 Million, Motility: 60%, and Morphology 2%. We will be doing iui #1 in late June

    IUI #1 6/28 clomid + ovidrel, post wash count 3 million total sperm= BFN

    IUI # 2 7/21 clomid+ ovidrel. post wash count 900,000 total sperm= BFN

    IVF planned for early November- cancelled due to cyst

    December IVF #1- 22 eggs, 20 mature,16 fertilized

    12/9 Transferred 1 4AA Blast, 6 frosties

    *****Everyone is welcome******

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    Moving on to IUI #2 if all goes well.  Had my first really rough IF week when I received my BFN while on vacation. Trying to be optimistic but not wanting to be heartbroken at the same time.  So thankful for the 3T community.

    QOTW:  I love shopping at NY&C! 

    Started TTC August 2012
    Dxed with unexplained infertility
    Planning on IUI #2 if all goes well (currently CD2)
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    kristyn831kristyn831 member
    edited September 2014
    Hysteroscopy is scheduled for Friday.  That should check out fine and then RE will submit for IVF-ICSI.  DH had follow-up SA last week.  1.9 million total sperm with 0% morph.  I'm scared.  Every time, DH results are worse.  Urologist found no cause and bloodwork was completely normal.  ICSI appears to be our only hope for ever having children.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm somewhat devastated by all this news but I need to keep it together.  If DH keeps getting worse results, we will need to freeze sperm before he gets to 0.

    GTKY: Premium outlets.  I always get great deals and great clothes there.


    Me: 33, DH: 35
    Married 10/13, TTC since 7/13
    Dx: MFI
    IUI #1 7/14: BFN
    IUI #2 8/14: BFN
    IVF #1 11/14: 20R17M15F
    Transferred 1 three day embryo! 7 frosties!
    BFP!  EDD 7/27/15


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