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How do you feel about same letters for a sibset?

Does it depend on the amount of kids you will have?

We have 1 daughter and only plan on having 2 kids total (unless I'm currently pregnant with twins+ lol). Would it be okay for me to name my kids say Eleanor and Eden but not Eleanor, Eden, Emmett, Eva, and Ernest?

Or does every single letter need to be different for each kid?

Re: How do you feel about same letters for a sibset?

  • It doesn't bother me either way.
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  • I think it's fine.  I mean it can get excessive but as a mom of two children with E names I get why the Duggars named their children the way they did.
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    I wouldn't exclude any first letters. I probably wouldn't prefer using a name starting with the same letter, independent of the number of children, but that's just me. It's not until the same first letter becomes a 'must'/the third or fourth child that it becomes incredibly theme-y.

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  • I actually do think it's sweet when sibling names start with the same letter.

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  • I don't mind it, but I agree it's easier to keep things straight when everyone has their own initial.
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  • For me it's more about sound. I have an Elijah and almost named my daughter Evangeline. They sound different enough to me. I wouldn't say do Isla and Ivy.
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  • I don't really like it.  

    I have a daughter Evelyn and I like a lot of E names.  However, her nn is Evey (long E sound) and that sometimes gets shortened to E.  So I am avoiding more E names.

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  • I actually really like first letter sibsets but if you ever feel like you are giving up a name you love or ever consider changing the spelling of a name just to make it 'fit' then I feel like you are taking it too far. Out of my top five favorite names, four of them start with A and the last one starts with S. If I had to name five kids right now, I would use the A names and also the S name. I wouldn't choose a name that I liked less just to follow suit.


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  • I would never purposefully have them all match but if my top two names happen to start with the same letter then that's ok.
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  • I have this dilemma as well. DD is M, but since having her and trying to rebuild a name list for the future I'm realizing that I like quite a few M names. I actually come from a J, J, S sibset. Growing up I always thought it would have been cool to all be Js but now I kinda see why my mom didn't. I agree that 3+ gets kinda Duggar but 2 would be okay. Especially if they have different sounds.
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  • I would never purposefully have them all match but if my top two names happen to start with the same letter then that's ok.
    Same here.  I think it's typical to like a lot of the names that start with the same letter, but at the same time I wouldn't want to limit myself to one letter out of 26 arbitrarily.
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  • I like it - I think it is super cute. If we have more than one we will do it. I have done it with my cats - all have been M names with an "ie" or similar ending.
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  • Totally up to you! I'm an amanda and my brother is Adam and sister I get it.
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  • I am in the same place! I have a Chloe and I am finding that most of my favorite boy names start with a C too. I have been worrying that people would think I was lame!
  • For 2 it's A okay. Normally I don't care but the 4 kids next door all have A names and no one in our group can keep them straight. Lol.
  • I guess it depends. My sister and I are Alyssa and another A name. She named her kids Katherine and Conner. They dont have the same letter but they sound the same either way. I agree that 3+ of the same is too cutesy wootsey for me though.
  • Completely fine. Pick names that you like!
  • I very much dislike it.

  • I would say that I'd want no more than two people in one family with the same name. For instance, I'm Julia, and I would totally consider naming my hypothetical son James or Joseph, or having two kids named Catherine and Charlotte. However, if I already had a husband named, say, Joshua, I'd avoid another J name.

    If you're only planning on having two kids, there's no chance to balance out and make it clear you weren't doing a theme, but I'd still go with names with the same letter if those were my top choices.
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    For 3+ a definite NO. If parent's initials match avoid that initial. I know a Josh and Jessica sibset who's dad is Jason and I never think of it. DH and I are both J so can't use initials and that's buggy. So would like all my kids with diff initials unless we'd have twins. Then I's match first initial only. I know too many matchy sibsets and I'm not a fan. Jared, Juliana, Jerome. Also Cheyenne, Carson, Caden, Cedric. At least the last set don't all have the same sound. Also know a sibset of 10 9 that all end in "ee" sound (y/ie/ey) except #8 and #10 who's nns still rhyme. Just 2 isn't gonna bother me tho.

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  • My husband's, daughter's, and dog's names all start with Ma.  This was not on purpose and I only realized it when we got home from the hospital and it was too late (and I love my daughter's name).  So this baby, any name that starts with an M is off-limits because I don't want everyone to be the same.

    I don't mind it if that's your thing, but I'd make sure the kids have different middle initials.  In my house, we differentiate between people by initials (grocery shopping: MLO yogurt and MDO yogurt since my daughter and husband eat different kinds of yogurt).  So that's my only suggestion.  2 or 3 or even 4 woulnd't bother me at all.

    I have a frenemy who has three kids with the same initials.  It's terrible (and so are the names).

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  • I don't like matching initials.  It seems like you're going for a matched pair or a theme.  I think it's less offensive (maybe not the best word choice, since it doesn't really offend me) if you only have 2, but what happens if you change your mind down the line?
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