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Meal plans for this week?

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This week is Back to School for my kiddies. So I am planning some extra special treats like Almond Butter Brownies and muffins with jam in the middle. For dinner I plan to make: pasta with "meat" sauce (we use veggie crumbles), curried shrimp and brown rice, homemade pizza, That One Pot Wonder I posted last week, I need one more.... What's on your menu?, Eta: sorry for the wall of text. iPad
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Re: Meal plans for this week?

  • We got back from vacation this morning. After eating like crap for the last couple of months I am going to start making changes to our eating habits. I have the following planned for this week.

    Sautéed shrimp with fettuccine, lemon, and spinach
    Stuffed red peppers using ground turkey and brown rice with spinach salads
    Baked fish with black beans and asparagus
    Chicken teriyaki with brown rice, squash, and zucchini

    I'll definitely add in one or two easy (unhealthily) meals to ease every one into this!
  • Tonight: ?
    Tomorrow: cookout
    Tuesday: BBQ pulled pork and cheesy potatoes
    Wednesday: leftover pork
    Thursday: polish sausage mashed potatoes


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  • Heh, sausage.

    I don't really need to shop because I overshopped last week, so I should be able to throw a couple meals together. I know I am going to do baked cod with a asparagus/quinoa/pea salad with lemon basil vinaigrette. And roasted salmon with ricotta stuffed plum tomatoes and spinach
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  • I plan on wing-it this week. I have no clue!



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  • Tomorrow: not sure? Groceries are being delivered tomorrow night
    Tuesday: pork chops and baked potatoes
    Wednesday: Skinnytaste chili
    Thursday: One pot spaghetti
    Friday: leftovers/tacos
    My daughter is my hero.
  • I'm on a special diet right now, so everything is low acid, low fat, and low sugar.

    Baked salmon and broccoli
    Baked chicken with veggies
    More chicken, maybe a light sautée
    More fish
    Not sure

    Rice or pasta will probably be had with most dishes.
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