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Miscarriage dreams normal?

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So yesterday I was 5w3d. This was when I lost my last baby. I had a pretty good day and didn't really think about it except being incredibly nervous after wiping when going to the bathroom. Either way, I would definitely say that I wasn't really thinking about it much through out the day. The. Bedtime hit. I had the most horrifying dream that I miscarried and there was blood when I wiped and just continued. I remember feeling so so so saddened and discouraged. I woke up and still felt sad thinking it was real for a little bit. Then I realized it was a dream. Anyone else experience dreams like this through their pregnancy? I didn't have this at all last time despite my even more traumatic (for me) loss at 11 weeks several months prior. Do I have this to look forward to the rest of my first tri? Or worse, whole pregnancy?
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Re: Miscarriage dreams normal?

  • It's really common being pgal to have these awful dreams. I didn't have very many, but I noticed most of the time my dreams were bad when I was close to a milestone or when an upcoming appointment was approaching.

    I haven't had a bad dream in several weeks now.

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  • I'm sorry you had such an awful dream. (((Hugs))) 
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  • I actually had a dream the night before my last appointment that I went to the toilet and my underwear were covered in blood. Naturally I freaked out. I didn't even want to mention it so chose to ignore it. My appointment was fine and we got to see our little bean on ultrasound with a healthy heartbeat and awesome growth so I know it was just my PgAL brain playing up. I know it's hard but don't read too much into these dreams.


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  • Thanks ladies. I guess I didn't realize how much it weighed on me. Hopefully I won't have to deal with any more!
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  • I haven't had any dream yet (5w1d) but I'm sure they will come! Def. on the same page with you about wiping! Good Luck!
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