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My husband and I are team green and still searching for a boys name. All of his suggestion tend to be unusual names where as I am hesitant of unusual names because I don't want the child to have any struggles based on our name choice. I've grown up with an uncommon name and am shy where as he has a very common name and is a ham.

He has liked Boyd and Lando in the past and his new love is Waldo. Waldo Wyclif to be exact. Waldo is also my dads middle name. I know when my dad was growing up (50's) Waldo was a dorky name and kids of the 80's immediately think of 'where's waldo.' But is it possible that it could be a somewhat cool name , now with the 'old man names' coming back in style? I am starting to talk myself into it so I need your guys voices of reason.


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  • I do think that Waldo could be a cool name, it has kind of a hipster vibe to it. That being said I totally understand your feelings, if you had a tough time growing up with an unusual name I could totally see being hesitant to use it.

    Personally I think you should keep looking at other names and find something you both like a lot.

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  • I immediately thought of it as a hipster name, like @DaisyZH‌ Mentioned, but because of the link with your father's middle name, I like it. Not sure of Waldo Wycliff though... I picture this little guy's father with big seeing glasses and a typewriter smoking fresh tabacco out of a pipe. Lol. But it's not TOO bad... I'm pretty lenient on names though.


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    I don't like this name at all... aside from the Where's Waldo reference, it just doesn't SOUND good to me.  Plus it totally gives me the vibe of trying too hard to be different/unique/cool.  Sorry just my honest answer. :)

    How about Aldo?  For some reason that doesn't bother me as much...
  • I know a Waldo who is 10. Sweet kid. His mother is Asian so I don't know if that makes it seem less weird or not.

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  • I really dislike it. It sounds goofy to me. 

    I like the suggestion of Alden. 
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  • I actually thought of this name the other day but I think it is way too goofy.

    However, I love Walden.
  • Waldo is too tied up with 'where's Waldo' for me.

    Look for another name that you both like and are comfortable with
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    I love unusual sounding names, but I immediately thought of Where's Waldo as well. If the association doesn't bother you then go for it.. but be prepared for teasing comments from people like, "I found Waldo!" and "Where's Waldo hiding?".
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  • Thanks everyone! DH hates Aldo and not a fan of Waldo. What about Wallace?


  • Dislike Waldo.
  • I dig it, but I like old man names. We've considered Alvin, which has its own pop-culture reference issues, but is a family name and we like it.
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