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How would you Pronounce

Marielle- Mary-el or Mar-ee-el
Terese- Teh-reese or Teh-ress
Clelia- Clay-lia or Cleh-lia or W-T-F?

Sorry guys, I am no English major so my pronunciation examples are way off, I'm sure! but I hope you get what I mean. If you pronounce the name some other way, let me know.

Also, Clelia was my great grandmother's name... I know how she pronounced it, and I also know that she resorted to "Clara" a lot due to Americans not knowing how to pronounce it. (She was Italian, the name is Greek), so your opinions on that are welcome.... even though I'm scared. Lol!

Not sure what we are having yet, but are set on a boy name... Girl names are hard, but we want a variant of Teresa in the middle. *Tess is a runner up, but I know how that's prounounced.



Re: How would you Pronounce

  • Mary-el
    And clelia I'm a little unsure but I would go with clay-loa I guess

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  • Marielle - mahr not mare
    Terese - reese
    Clelia - clay

    I don't hate Clelia, but it doesn't feel pretty or look too nice in writing. Feels clunky.
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    I would actually pronounce Terese as Tay-rehz, because I am very familiar with the French Thérèse. So my initial assumption would be the accents were just left off.
    Marielle Mar (rhymes with car) ee elle
    Clelia I would guess Clee-lyah, rhymes with Amelia.

    I like Tess more than these options but of the three I prefer Marielle. Although I like the family connection with Clelia.

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  • Cool. Thanks everyone. My great gma pronounced it as a couple of you said, Clay-lia/Clay-lee-uh. For Marielle, I prefer the Mahr, but I think Mare is how most would pronounce it (guessing from here and other Marielle posts that I have seen). We would call her Elle, so maybe I should find more -elle names. And for Terese, I like that most of you would pronounce it the way I see it. @strawberrytree‌ is it weird to see it pronounced that way, having your French background, or is it sometimes common to see the accents left off? Thanks.


  • Marielle - Mah-ree-El

    Terese - Teh-reese

    Clelia- Kleel-ya (like Celia with a CL sound)


  • I guess I just didn't realise Terese was an English name- I've only seen Teresa/Theresa. Because I've not seen it before, my mind would jump to the closest name I know, Thérèse. Sometimes keyboards or official documents leave off accents, so I'd assume that was what had happened. Same thing with the name Helene for me- I didn't realise it was an English name until a post on this board because all of my experience with it has been as the French name Hélène, just the accents had been left off for whatever reason, but still pronounced (H)ay-Lehn and not Huh-leen. I'm sure this is highly regional and most parts of the US wouldn't have this issue as there aren't many francophones there (I'm not in the US), but yes, it takes a bit of getting used to for me to hear Tuh-reese and Huh-leen.

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  • Mary EL, Tuh rez, CLEL ia
  • Mary-ell, Te-Reese and Clay-lia.

    I really like Tess, Tess Clelia would be pretty as would Clara Terese.

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  • Marielle - Mary elle
    Terese - Tuh reese
    Clelia - totally new to me. My guess would be Clee lee uh
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  • Mary-Elle, Teh-Reese and wtf because I'm unfamiliar. I'd like to know how she pronounced it.

    This! Lol
  • Uggg, a life of this!
    Clara is beautiful!


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  • Mary-elle, Teh-rees, Clear-lee-ah
  • Marielle:  Mar-ee-el
    Terese:  Tay-rez
    Clelia:  Clay-ah
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  • Terese is my moms name. It's pronounced ta-Reese. (Just like Therese and similar to Theresa -just don't add the ah at the end).
    Just an FYI, no one ever spells it right.

    I grew up with a Marielle. She pronounced it mary-Elle.

    Never heard Clelia. I see it as clee-lee-ah.
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