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Super confused any advice?

I am that girl who knows her period by heart. I know exactly the day I start how heavy my flow is on what days and exactly why my PMS symptoms are. My period is five days late. I am having weird MINIMAL spotting maybe two on a tampon. I have tested twice and both are neg really upset this is not at all how my monthly behaves I have no symptoms I don't understand what is going on with my body. And I can't get in to see the doc for 19 days =[ any advice?? Been TTC for 19 months I was so hopeful this was it.
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Re: Super confused any advice?

  • I'm so sorry, no wonder you were getting really excited if you are always so regular!!

    The frustrating reality is that anyone can ovulate later than usual, or even not ovulate, any random cycle for a variety of reasons, or no reason at all.

    If you don't get a period for an extended period of time, I think something like 40-50 days, it is very common to take a prescription to bring it on (but only after doing bloodwork to make sure you aren't pregnant or didn't ovulate).

    Have you had any testing for your infertility? Perhaps this is a good time to schedule CD3 bloodwork, an HSG, and a sperm analysis for your partner. Together with mid-cycle testing to pinpoint ovulation, the length of the luteal phase, and any issues with uterine lining, etc., this could give a clear picture as to why you haven't gotten pregnant after 19 months of TTC (only a very small percentage of women achieve pregnancy naturally after 1-2 years of trying).

    And, there is always the possibility that you ovulated so much later, that a pregnancy test would still be showing a false negative.

    I suggest asking your OBGYN at what cycle day they would give you bloodwork and then put you on medication to kickstart a period, then (as hard as it sounds) wait for that day.

    I also suggest asking for a referral to an RE, if you have not yet see one, to start the process of identifying any treatable infertility factors, to hopefully avoid this kind of stress! (Of course, it would probably just be replaced by new kinds of stress... :) ).
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  • I agree with the other ladies. I am 100% regular as well. I was 5 days late after about 7 months of trying and it just ended up being a late period. It's probably nothing to freak out about, our bodies aren't perfect. If it happens again or you feel very strongly about it, definitely bring it up with your doctor.

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  • If your period is "late," and you're getting negative tests, you either ovulated later than usual or are having an anovulatory cycle. There's really no need to see your doctor (about this) at this point.


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  • I know it really messes with your head if you have super regular periods and suddenly it changes. I just started today and this is one day later than my cycle has been in years, but 2-3 days later than normal. I have to admit it messed with my head a little, but I had a saline sonogram this month so I think that may have caused me to ovulate slightly latter than normal.

    Stuff happens. I would just test every few days until your period shows up.


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