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8-} So we will be using my father's Brother's and Father in law's name as a middle name, which are all GEORGE. I would like a different unique name as a first name. Please send me some help.

***GEORGE will not be used as a first name because there are just too many in the family and would cause confusion, and I'd like to our child to have his own sense of identity.***

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  • Bartholomew George
    Harlan George
    Felix George
    Ambrose George
    Timothy George
    Francis George
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  • I liked Beckett but I had a dream that kids teased him and called him Bucket. My husband wants his own first name (Kenneth) but I want the baby to have his own identity so I put my foot down on that one. I grew up with both my brother and myself having our parents' first and middle names so it was very confusing. So I would like to steer clear of that mess.
  • Miles

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  • Ronan
  • There are some really nice names, I was wondering how Landry George, or Gentry George sounded to you?
  • He'll have his own identity no matter what

    Alistair George

    Bennett George

    Kellan George

    Kieran George

    Connor George

    Iain George

    Lionel George

    Micah George

    Wyatt George

    Simon George

    Silas George

    Simeon George

    Thaddeus George

    Vance George

    Xavier George

  • I don't like Gentry, Landry or Beckett. Sorry. Based on these names I'll suggest: Everett, Elliott, Sullivan, Ellis, Archer.
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