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Enfamil AR vs Target Up&Up

DD had been on Enfamil AR since she was 2 months old due to reflux. It's pretty pricey so I was thinking about the Up&Up version of Enfamil AR. I don't see much of a difference in ingredients. Has anyone tried this?

Re: Enfamil AR vs Target Up&Up

  • I haven't tried up&up but I went from enfamil lactose free to parents choice lactose free now he's on Costco lactose free, I haven't had any issues with switching him.
  • Great! I'm going to purchase a container and give it a try!
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  • We've been on enfamil AR for 2 months after trying almost every formula there was! We decided to try up&up at 4 mos bc it was cheaper and the ingredients were the same. It did not work for DD- she was super gassy, fussy and wasn't sleeping well. The only change was the formula. As soon as we switched back, she was a happy baby again. I hope you have better luck, apparently DD prefers name brand
  • Did not care for up and up. I had to use the enfamil scoop on up & up to make it thick enough to make a difference. We ended up having to go a different route all together to fix spit up but we weren't in love with the target brand, which was sad-- I feel you on the cost!
  • The Up&Up brand was a no go. Only two feedings with it and everything came back up.

    I'm gonna finish out the day but I don't think it's going to work for us!
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