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testicle mark?

My son is now 6 weeks. My son now has a mark on his testicle. About the size of a thumb print. Looks like he was pinched but he has not. Its not painful to him and I'm positive its not diaper rash. More of a light bruise. Anyone have experience with this or much know what it is? I'm a ftm. I know strange things happen to babies due to our hormones leaving their body. Could this be one of them. Because its not causing him pain I'm going to watch it for a day or two. If it gets worst I plan to call the Dr. I know you guys are not drs and they are the best route but maybe its normal? I am very clueless about boys. For example I thought boys didnt get their first erection until puberty. Well I was surprised during a diaper change one day. Haha.

Re: testicle mark?

  • My son has a little mark on his testicles, it'd a little mark not as big as what you're describing. It's been there since birth so I think it's a birth mark. If it's not causing pain I would think it's not a big deal, but I'm no Dr.
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  • My son had the same thing but on his penis. The day after the doctor examined him for his two month check up. It is the size of a dime. I called and the nurse had me come get it checked. It doesn't cause him pain and they couldn't figure out a natural reason for it to happen. I think the doctor squeezed him too hard. Or maybe I pinched him when I was cleaning him. It's starting to fade it's been a couple days. Doctor told me to call If anything gets worse.

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  • The "erection" you are talking about is bc he has a full bladder and is about to pee, so watch out during that diaper change!
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