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AW: Husband on my *last* nerve today!

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Re: AW: Husband on my *last* nerve today!

  • I'm sorry. Your post made me mad at your husband, too. I'm kidding, but being stuck in your car like that sounds awful. I'm not a huge fan of plans changing last minute and I understand your being pissed at your H. I'm glad your able to chill by yourself tonight! Big, sympathetic ((hugs))!

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  • I hate driving. Ummm. Yeah I don't have more patience than me lol. I would tell him to do driving etc.
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  • Oh I'm sorry! It sucks that he's making all these plans without consulting you first I'd have a crying fit over that too if I were you! :((


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  • This would have upset me too. ((((Hugs))))
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  • It annoys me when my H makes last minute plans / changes plans too. I'm glad he made you Mac and cheese and all is better now!

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