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Daily Struggle: Teeth Brushing

My LO is now 26 months but he still refuses to brush his teeth. Before he turned two and when he had fewer teeth (before his molars started popping out) he was fine with us brushing his teeth. But now he refuses all the time! We always have a fight and he will cry and wriggle his way out.

I've tried organic toothpastes, dental wipes and even bubble gum flavored toothpaste but he still refuses to brush his teeth, hold a toothbrush or to let us help him. I do think he may have sensitive gums, because one time I brushed his teeth with a baby's toothbrush and it bled :( any suggestions on how I can help him?

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately we have not been to the dentist yet and I will start looking for one now. My boy is petrified of doctors and nurses though, he starts crying whenever he sees anyone with a face mask. Hopefully it'll be different with the dentist.

    I will surely try singing songs to him from now on, it's good that he likes Elmo and I found a video on YouTube about brushing teeth. So we'll surely try that. I also found some Elmo books for brushing teeth, I'm going to buy that too. On my next off from work I'll bring him to the stores to pick up a new toothbrush. The only letdown is, we live in Singapore and there's really not a lot of choices compared to the US. But we'll go hunt for a new one!

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