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Lo crying when not held

Anyone else in the same boat?
Lo is 4 weeks old... And he hates his swing and his car seat! He cries when ever he is in either and won't stop until I pick him up! He won't fall asleep in the car... He screams the entire ride! I've tried everything! He's fed, burped, dry, straps are not too tight. Car temp is good and no sun in his face... I think it's just an "I want mommy" thing... But it's exhausting! He cries in the store too if he's in his seat... He just wants to be held. I'm going crazy!

Re: Lo crying when not held

  • Have you tried wearing him in a sling or carrier?
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  • Wearing them makes a huge difference. I would look into a ring sling or another type of carrier.
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  • I would not have gotten anything done ever without my carriers for my first son. He was especially fussy around dinner time, and would only nap for many months when wrapped. You are their safe place, what's familiar, and makes them feel secure. A good carrier you are both comfortable with will give you your hands again and make things less crazy, especially once baby is old enough to go on your back!
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  • I wear my baby in the Bjorn when I need to get stuff done. Also, does baby need or liked to be swaddled in swing, etc?
  • FTM and yet to have my babe but as far as the carseat when you are actually driving/riding in the vehicle, maybe you could sleep with one of his blankets, roll it up, and put it on his side (by his arm) so he'd have your scent next to him?
  • Similar to the above suggestion, I wore my softest t-shirt to bed every night for a week and then gave it to DD. It immediately became her favorite object, and helped her get to sleep and to be calmer in unfamiliar situations. At 2 1/2 years old her "mama shirt" is still the most important thing she has.
  • My LO is the same way. He's also learned that I'll go get him if he cries, so now he goes straight to his "I'll make the neighbors think you're torturing me" cry.
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