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TTC after 35

What's your sign?

What's your sign, and what traits of that sign do you possess?

I'm a Cancer, if you can't tell. 
I'm very sensitive, emotional, intuitive (maybe a little TOO intuitive), and definitely have my crabby moments!

Re: What's your sign?

  • I'm a Scorpio, which I suppose means I am sexy and mysterious. *snort*
    Me: 38 DH: 40 TTC#1 (and likely only) since 9/13. Saw RE 5/14, SA good, AMH 2.36, FSH 7.2, estradiol 69.6 indicating good egg reserve. Using OPKs. First Letrozole cycle 6/14, a burst cyst and a BFN. Second Letrozole cycle 7/14, BFN. 

    Update 11/14 - had laparoscopy 10/28, good news is that my uterus and left tube look good, and they were able to drain the cyst on my left ovary. Bad news is that right tube and ovary have endo and scar tissue, so they're pretty useless.. Best news is that we finally have some answers and a path forward. Taking 7.5 mg letrozole CD 2-6 to put that good left ovary through its paces. 

    UPDATE 2/2015 - We switched to another fertility clinic, but fortunately we don't have to start all over. We're doing two cycles of Clomid plus IUI, if neither of those take, we'll do IVF in April, potentially with ICSI. (DH's SA has gone downhill, likely due to excessive exercise.) IUI#1 2/25/15....
  • @Austrogermokee- Haha! Yeah...I have a Scorpio rising, so I get it. 
  • I'm a Cancer. Yes I can be emotional & or crabby at times. But most of the time I'm very stubborn. I'm not sure if the stubbornness is for all Cancers, but in my family those of us who are Cancers are all stubborn
  • What's your sign, and what traits of that sign do you possess?

    I'm a Cancer, if you can't tell. 
    I'm very sensitive, emotional, intuitive (maybe a little TOO intuitive), and definitely have my crabby moments!
    This is me. I'm a Cancer--way too sensitive.


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  • I'm a Gemini and I feel like it describes me pretty well. I'm pretty communicative and have a dual personality (at least a dual, ha)!
    36, DH 31 TTC #1 since we got married, July 2014. http://FertilityFriend.com/home/522fa4/
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
    ME:44  DH:44    NPNT/TTC #2  since 5/12,   BFP 5/13,   EDD 1/29/14,  MC 6/9/13 at 6w4d.  Started with RE 2/2014.  Dx =  I'm old and, you know, biology and what not.  Decided to go straight to DE IVF.   Four donors rejected by RE before finally approving #5, 8/11/14.   

    DE IVF #1 9/2014:  Retrieval 9/22 - 20 mature eggs, 10 for us, 6 fertilized. Transfer 9/27 - one AB and one BC blast. No frosties.  5dp5dt = BFP!!!  Beta #1, 9dp5dt, = 90.   Beta #2, 11dp5dt = 217.  Beta #3, 16dp5dt = 1790.   First US 6 w3d = one baby, measuring slightly ahead, HB = 112!.  Second US 8w2d HB = 171.  Third US 10w2d  HB = 161.   Officially an OB patient.   Holy crap!  We're having a baby!!      ~*~   IT'S A BOY!! ~*~    EDD = 6/14/15

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  • Another Scorpio! We are not the type of people you want as an enemy, but an extremely loyal friend.
  • Aries...very stubborn!

  • Libra - constantly looking for balance and fairness... and extremely indecisive!
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  • Virgo here. Very critical...
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    TTC#1 since June 2012

    Dx: Unexplained Infertility / AMA

    BFP after 4th IUI cycle with Gonal F + Ovidrel on March 2014 | EDD 12/7/14 | MMC on 4/14/14 

    IUI#5 with Gonal F and Ovidrel trigger on 6/6 - BFN

    On to IVF #1 with a new RE. Started Gonal F and Menopur on 8/15.  Added Ganirelix on 8/24. Trigger on 8/26 for ER on 8/28. 8R 7M 3F.  Transferred all 3 on 8/31. BFP on 9/11 | EDD 5/20/15 - Beta #1: 56.7. Beta #2: 97. Beta #3: 1148. Beta #4: 3559. Beta #4: 7678. MMC confirmed on 10/13. D&C on 10/14 at 9w. Confirmed male with Trisomy 14.

    On to IVF #2 in March. CCS Testing on 2 embies. No go. Waiting to start IVF #3 in July. Surprise BFP on 6/14! EDD - 2/20/16 - Beta #1: 121.4. Beta #2: 236.4. Beta #3: 2014.

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  • Taurus - stubborn, persistent, grounded, and like nice things (Tauruses can be a bit materialistic).
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    About Me: 

    AMA 35 :  DH 33
    BFP#1 1/26/14 (EDD: 10/7/14).  MMC 3/10/14 D&C 3/14/14
    RE Consult 11/3/14 - AMH 2.25 "great" . FSH 7.10 . Low Vitamin D
    Myomectomy 12/17/14.  Benched until March.


    My Ovulation Chart
  • Aquarius--Easy going and a free spirit.  Definitely got the easy going part right, I don't know about the free spirit though.  I'm pretty grounded and responsible, but I do have a tendency to be pretty positive/silver lining most times.
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    Me 36 DH 39

    DD 3/29/12
                      BFP 6/4/14 ~ MMC 7/7/14 ~ D&C 7/15/14            
    BFP 11/28/14 ~ MMC  12/29/14    

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  • Scorpio here as well. It actually fits me very well sexual, mysterious, jealous and very loyal.
    Me: +35 DH: +35
    TTC: Since January 2013 
    DX: PCOS. Severe Endometriosis, Unicornuate Uterus w/only left tube and left ovary, Pedunculated fibroid (on the outside of uterus) and Anovulation. All conditions diagnosed 8/13
    TX: Metformin
    DH DX: MFI - low morphology, low motility
    Ultrasound shows both kidneys in spite of UU. 
    HSG showed clear tube on the left side. 
    Lap Surgery performed 1/9/14 to remove fibroid and endo (Stage 3)
    • IUI# 1 June 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 13: BFN
    • IUI#2  July 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 5.75: BFN
    • Natural Cycle - so shocked to be in 2WW - 7dpo Progesterone: 15.5: BFN
    • Working with new RE starting injectables in late August.
    • IUI #3 August 2014  w/ Menopur: BFN
    • Finally ovulating on my own!!
    Waiting to start IVF hopefully
    **********All Are Welcome**************
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  • @meredithcarole- I TOTALLY pegged you as a Taurus even before you told me! My mother is a Taurus and so is my son, and you act a lot like them. I love having a Taurus for a parent and for a child, though. Even though the stubbornness and materialistic sides can drive me batty, they are super kind and thoughtful. :)
  • Newbie here - I'm a Taurus too! fits me pretty well although I think the materialistic thing kind of goes in cycles for me and I hate shopping. lol.
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