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Hey guys!

Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself since BJ just made me official mod here.  I am also currently modding the March '15 BMB.

We are no longer a military family but my husband did 7 years in the army infantry with 2 deployments to Afghanistan.  He's been home for a little over a year now since his last deployment and is officially out of the military.  I have 2 daughters who are 10 and 8, and my husband and I have a son who was stillborn in January.  We are currently expecting again in March.

You guys have been mod free and seem to be doing fine on your own, but BJ thought it would be a good idea to get mods on the unmodded boards, so here I am.  If you need anything just let me know :)

Re: Hey guys!

  • Howdy:)
    I'm in the April15' group, both me and DH were AD Army, I ETS'd he was medically retired because of an IED in Iraq (sometimes we both tend to be a little too casual discussing things like that, but he survived and thats all I give any f's about.) We still live near Fort Campbell, KY and I work at the airfield on post, at least for the next few weeks. 

    Delivered all our kids on post, but this one probably will be off post just because it would be easier on friends and family due to the changes in gate security again. 

    I'll probably be seeing you around a lot, so I figured I would introduce myself :)
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  • Waves hi! I remember you from TTGP (I think, you've changed your sig so I might be wrong) and hope all's going well!

    I've been medically benched for a very very long time, but we're hoping to get started again in October. It does look like if I get KU soon we'll be moving towards the end of a pregnancy, which will be super fun.

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     9/30/14--Off the bench! Unmedicated TI through December 2014
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  • chaysefaithchaysefaith member
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    @RobynB13 I'm so sorry to hear about your husband but I'm glad he's doing ok.  That's terrifying.

    @divinemsbee I was on TTGP :)  I removed the girls from my siggy for space's sake and change my avatar (my old one led to some racey couples boudoir pics my H and I had done :-O ).  I recognize you from over there too :)  I see you'll be hopefully TTC again in October, that's so close!  Good luck!

    ETA: that was a lot of smilies.
  • Hi from J14 :) excited to be seeing you again.
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  • Hmm... Didn't know BLT quit.
    Well, welcome.
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