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I went back to work, part time at home & part time at the office, in June, LO was approx. 3 months. Then in July I went back to work full time in the office. The LO is currently 5 months. Since then my supply is slowly decreasing and I am "pulling teeth" it feels like to maintain and pump enough for the next day. I am barely and I mean barely and sometimes pumping short of enough for the next day. I also have a 4 day conference I have to attend in October where I will be completely away from the baby. I need to save up about another 100 oz to ensure she has enough milk while I am gone. I do exclusively BF when I am at home with the baby in the evenings and on the weekends.

What are some tips to help increase my supply so I can make sure I pump enough for the next day and am able to put away milk in the freezer so I have enough come October?


  • Thank you for the advice, this is all stuff I am currently doing. My LO usally eats 3 times while I am work. She comes to work with me in the morning for about a half hour. I was bottle feeding her for this but for the past month has just been BF her instead so I don't have to pump for that feeding. This did help a bit. I do try to sqeeze in an extra session while I am work. I also do pump one side in the morning after she nurses for the first feeding, I get 3 - 5 oz  out of the unnursed side and 0 -1 oz on the side she nursed on. However this has been making up the difference I am not getting while at work. I do try to pump before I go to bed, however, I usually go to bed same time baby does after her last feeding and if I pump I might get 1/2 ounce at most. I will have to try the power pump, this is hard though as I work full time. On the weekends, I do try to pump for 10 minutes after every feeding but have slacked on this lately as by the weekend hits, I am so tired of pumping.

    I will try these suggestions, again thank you!

  • @amber0389 Yes she does sleep through the night. I was pumping at night for a while but with the fact that I have to get up at 4 am for work it makes that difficult and I have started sleeping right through my alarm as I am so tired.

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  • @amber0389, that is a good idea. I will try that, generally everything is apart on the drainboard.
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