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sleep talking

Hi all, I am 10w and I discovered that I has started sleep talking. I know that when you are pregnant that you start to have strange dreams but has anyone ever heard of starting to sleep talk? My husband said that I am talking loudly and not just a mumbles. Am I alone in having this happen?

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  • I've fallen victim to the vivid dreams, but I haven't received feedback that I am sleep talking..

    @kyliedaniellexx that is hysterical! 
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  • A few nights ago SO farted in bed (I was asleep next to him) and I started screaming about an earthquake or something? 

    Maybe not the same thing. Dunno
    I laughed so hard I almost woke the baby! 
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  • nicoleh55nicoleh55
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    I have always been a sleep talker but I do it wayyyy more when I'm pregnant. It gives DH a good laugh
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