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Help please!

So I am not happy with DD's daycare situation. I am a teacher and we sent her two days this week while I set up my classroom. When I picked her up yesterday she was laying in a pack n play next to a puddle of spit up with a wet diaper. Her feet also felt very cold. It honestly looks like she doesn't get my attention. It is an in home daycare so she is in a room with toddlers. She is a very good baby so I think they are taking advantage of her and are just putting her in a pack n play while they entertain the toddlers. I very upset. I start work full time on Tuesday and dont know what to do!!!! I wish I could stay home but we just cant afford it if I do. What would you do?? Im currently looking for other daycares but not having any luck. I live in westchester ny. Any other westchester moms know of a safe reliable daycare? Im just so upset. Ugh. Thank you for listening. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Forgive me for typos as I am on mobile!!!

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  • No advice. But I just wanted to say I'm sorry your having to have this added stress before going back to work! Good luck!
  • I chose a daycare center instead of in-home so that I wouldn't have to worry as much about those things. Is a larger center an option for you? I feel better that there are specified "infant rooms" with all infants and infant teachers doing things to specifically target/stimulate that age group.

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    Have you tried talking to your daycare provider? Maybe there was a situation with another kiddo that required their attention and they kept your LO contained in the pack n play to keep her safe/happy? Maybe she'd just woken up?

    Eta: my kids are also in an in-home daycare. There are times when LO is in a bouncer/swing/P&P when my daycare provider literally can't get to him because she has another baby she watches as well as other kids too- he's not her only kid, ya know? She can't pick him up and hold him every minute. No provider will be able to do that, unless you have a nanny or someone with no other kids.

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