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double wammy

Went to see the doctor today and i have mastitis and yeast on my nipple on my left side. She didn't say it was thrush and it's only on my left side. LO doesn't have any signs or symptoms of thrush.

anyway I'm curious aside from pumping and breastfeeding and applying the nipple cream are there any other steps I should do? LO is in cloth diapers.
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Re: double wammy

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    for the mastitis- rest! take advil for any pain. drink lots of fluids.

    for thrush/yeast- take baths with a cupful of vinegar, and use a diluted vinegar rinse on your nipples after feedings (or antifungal cream). try to let things air out as much as possible. wash your bras in hot water with a cupful of vinegar. try to avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar. take a probiotic supplement. eat lots of yogurt and fermented foods.

    watch your LO for signs of thrush (white patches in mouth), or a diaper rash that doesn't respond to your usual diaper cream (could be yeast and you'd need antifungal cream).

    hope you feel better soon!
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