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Winter gear

I know it's not even fall yet so I apologize for making everyone think of the long dreaded winter (for those who get snow) but it hits fast and hard where I live I have to be prepared by October.

What are your plans in terms of winter gear? Now that our LO's are soon to be walking I'm not sure if it would be beneficial to get a jacket and ski pants with some boots or just a full out snowsuit.

Also being in a convertible seat won't be as convenient as bundling up with blankets in the infant seat.. So I'm thinking ski pants while sitting in the car than put her coat on quick so it's not affecting the safety of the seat like a snowsuit would...

I'm just rambling thoughts but what are you planning to do??

Re: Winter gear

  • Af1004Af1004 member
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    I got snow overalls lady yeast on sale that should fit well. That way they'll stay up well and we can just use a jacket and some layers with it. She got a pink Carhart jacket for Christmas last year to use this year too. When it isn't snowing we'll use blankets over her legs in the car and a fleece jacket probably.

    I'll probably be dressing her similar to how I dress day to day unless she seems to get extra cold. I'll also crank the car before we head out most of the time.

    Eta spelling at 5:30 am
  • I warm up the car and put a fleece jacket on the girls. If the car can't be warmed up bc we are shopping or something, I put a blanket around them in the car seat until the car warns up. If we are going to be outside for longer then it takes me to get to the car, they obviously will have a winter coat on.

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  • lilqt3929lilqt3929 member
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    Here it is, the thread I've been wanting to start but didn't want to since its still summer (I'm not looking forward to the long cold winter). Like you OP, winter hits hard and quick here too so I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I will probably do the same as PPs and do a fleece coat for the car (found a Columbia one at the second hand store for $1.99! ) and keep a couple of blankets in the car to have to throw over her legs if needed (I usually use the car starter to make sure cars warmed up). I've been scouring the second hand stores for winter coats but have had no luck yet but my plan is to use a winter coat, snow pant overalls, hat and mittens when playing outside. I'm struggling with boots for some reason...I've seen the normal boots and also have seen some that are like mittens (thinsulate brand) that don't have a sole. What is everyone else doing for just boots for running errands etc? (I guess it's just hard for me to picture her in the normal boots since she's not walking around right now and isn't even wearing any shoes).

    ETA : I know LO will need normal boots for playing outside etc. I just wasn't sure what to get for when she's just sitting in her carseat and the shopping cart.
  • This thread makes me so sad. As a Canadian, I should really be thinking about this but I'm in denial. We have some fleece snowsuits and I'll put a jacket over top for going to and from the car on those really chilly days.  I'll definitely be making a lot of use of my remote start, and crank the heat for a good 10 minutes before we get in the car!  Haha. 

    The real question is how can I convince DH to move to a warmer climate??? 


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  • We didn't have much for snow gear for my son at this age other then a winter jacket and mittens.  But my one tip....BUY NOW!!  I needed two pairs of snow boots for DS since DC wanted us to keep one pair there so they could go outside and play.  I live in the twin cities and I couldn't' find boots ANYWHERE.  Im not kidding....It was awful....Every place sells out.  SO a couple weeks ago I was at Once Upon a Child looking for something else for DD and I saw their snow gear section and I bought snow bibs for both kids, jackets and boots.  I like the bibs for playing in the snow cuz then the snow doesn't get up their jacket and down their pants but really all they need is a good coat for going to and from school/DC etc and a pair of boots.  
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  • starscream Im born and raised SoCal too.  4th generation in fact.  I too remember the first time I saw it snow.... I was 12 and we took the Palm Springs tram to the top of the mountain. :) Now I live in MN.  Who knew?!  Snow is not all its cracked up to be (super inconvenient) but I will admit I have lived here for 12 years and I still get all giddy like a little kid on the first snowfall.  I love it and would never move back to SoCal. 
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  • BurrberrymumBurrberrymum member
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    I'm glad I asked this, now I'm not even going to think about a one piece and go straight for the 2 piece with boots and mitts/ hats etc..

    @starscream‌ Sometimes I don't even know how we survive the winters we have here!! I have to admit though the first little bit of winter feels magical even after decades of seeing snow every year. There's something about it that warms up my spirit until..... I have to shovel our cars out of the drive way every single morning for work. We have a long driveway and we have to shovel it by hand. This is what our cars look like almost every morning in December / January.
  • FFTC: I thought it was like a city or government service that shoveled snow out of drive ways. Or like you paid a neighborhood kid $5 to come do it. Or the snow didn't actually fall on the driveway. Idk what I thought but I didn't even think you had to do that yourself. :/

    I WISH! We definitely shovel ourselves, most people around here do unless they have a snowblower than they do that themselves. I could hire a service to do it but it's not something I can afford all winter.

    It usually takes an hour each morning to do.. There's been times after snow storms that we've spent a good 3 hours shovelling and still couldn't get our cars out! I once had to walk to work in a snow storm because I couldn't get my car out and the taxi got completely stuck on my street for a couple hours. This is a normal thing here come winter time.
  • @wowcheezits‌ that is the absolute worst!!! Spending a few hours shovelling, just about done and the plow goes by and blocks the driveway with more snow... Oh I don't even want to think of it!
  • cputman200cputman200 member
    edited August 2014
    Man, my Georgia ideas of snow did not include all that work. Like starscream said I just didn't think about it falling on the driveway :) I grew up in South Georgia so I tell my husband every winter when he mentions moving north, "I am up North right now". We live in Atlanta. :)

    Eta: I will be getting a coat and mittens. My friend makes my kids an amazing new hat each winter.
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