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Travel - what to take, what to leave

Working on my last minute packing, and can't decide if I'm taking too much or too little, Lol

If you've traveled with LO, what do you wish you'd brought? What should you have left at home? We're spending two nights in hotels and three with family, if that makes a difference.

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Re: Travel - what to take, what to leave

  • We are on vacation now. We brought a pack and play, travel high chair, some toys and two outfits per day since there is no laundry where we are. We also bought diapers with us but if short on space I have bought them at my destination before.

  • I brought wayyyy too many clothes last time.  Just wash at destination.  I always err on the side of less things usually and get along just fine.  I bring a couple comfort items but leave gear at home if I can help it.  Also, don't take no for an answer if the hotel says you don't have to reserve a PnP.  I did that.  They assured me that they always had enough.  Well, guess what?  They ran out and H had to sleep in a drawer (3 months old).  I just didn't feel comfortable laying him on a soft squishy bed surrounded by pillows.

    Also, if he sleeps with a sound machine you can download an app on your phone for that.  Just have it plugged in all night.

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