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DS is 3.5 months and his poop is more often green and runny than it is yellow and seedy. I breastfeed him at home and he gets pumped milk at daycare. I was reading about the fore/hind imbalance and he has the green poop and occasionally had a few tiny specks of blood in it. Is it possible to still be dealing with the imbalance if I pump? I would think the pumping would ensure he gets enough of both? I just can't figure out what is causing this. I am already avoiding dairy as well.

Re: Imbalance?

  • He is also pretty gassy. I am not eating milk, cheese, or yogurt but sometimes still eat things that may have milk in them (like chocolate). I haven't tried avoiding soy yet.
  • I did ask the doctor about the blood and the nurse suggested trying to cut out dairy. Its such a small amount that I probably am the only one who notices. He had a little in there while at the doctor and I had to point it out to them. I plan to ask again at his next appt.
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