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losing it

My son just turned 2 a month ago and my sweet Independent boy has become a whiney, needy, sassy child! Major sleep regression plus when he does fall asleep he sleeps like crap and has to have me or dh in the bed.
He doesn't get the idea of time out and he had to have an anti bath tonight sans water because he kept throwing himself face first in the water and laughing at me when I tell him no.
Plus he is refusing to eat meals only snacks of fruit or junk food.

We can't tell if he is teething or this is his new behavior. Am I alone in my frustration?
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Re: losing it

  • Well, the 2-year-molars could definitely be an issue, but in general willfulness and pushing back is just normal 2-year-old behavior.  Here's a good book to read:


    I know it's frustrating (and unfortunately for DD 3 was much worse than 2) but it is all part of them starting to develop their own ideas and opinions.

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  • I don't know if I was blessed with an easy 2nd baby, or if I just learned from my mistakes.  DD was 4 in March and had just turned 2 when DS was born.  I remember being very large and pregnant and sleeping in her bed, most nights she still winds up in my bed 1/2 way through the night.  DS was 2 in May and has been in a twin size bed since then, there have been maybe 2 or 3 nights because he was sick or something where we ended up sleeping together.  He's also a big boy and would love to eat all day and drink nothing but milk and juice.  I'm finally getting to the point where I realize he's not a baby, it's ok for him to cry and be upset for a while, which is so hard because he's such a good boy, but he can't have what ever he wants whenever he wants.  That doesn't mean he eats what we eat every night, but I'm ok with giving him a yogurt or string cheese.  I know many parents are big on their kids eating what they eat, and my 4 year old does actually ask for salad, but I feel like most healthy foods I eat for nutritional value, not something a 2 year old gets
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  • It is more he was laying belly down in the water, having his chin touch the bottom of the tub. He has no fear of water, which is good but I don't want him to breathe in yhr water.

    Last time at the pool he would throw himself over, dunking himself where I would have to pull him out my his lifejacket because he wanted to float on his back.
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  • I wouldn't stress over the water thing. As long as you are there to make sure he doesn't have any issues, he'll be fine. At least he is willing to put his face in the water...a lot of kids have a fear of that!

    Part of it is just the normal terrible twos...they are starting to try to learn about independence. Most of our issues are power struggle issues. I have learned to pick and choose about what to fight about. (Not holding my hand in the parking lot is not an option. The fact that her shoes don't match her outfit is not worth a fight.)  Also, I found that allowing her to make some small decisions for herself has helped a lot. I might pull out 2 weather appropriate outfits and ask her which she wants to wear that day. She can choose what weather appropriate shoes to wear. If she won't choose within the allotted time, then I choose for her. Do you want to brush your teeth before or after you put on your pjs? It's a win-win. I still get what I want (her in pjs and teeth brushed) and she feels important because she got to choose the order. Allowing her some power means she is more willing to go with some of the things she doesn't get a choice over.

    With food, I know she was incredibly picky when she was teething. I cut her a break when I knew it was teeth. Otherwise, I make a meal and put it in front of her. She can choose to eat it or not, but if she doesn't eat dinner, then no snacks.  I will reoffer her dinner if she is hungry.
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  • I share your frustrations, right now we employ a lot of misdirection to stymie temper tantrums and I know that soon she's going to figure us out and it will get even harder. I also say 'no' a lot and then it's almost more of a fight with myself than with her to keep from caving (especially on snacking - if this kid could eat fruit and drink milk constantly, she would). 

    Stay strong and remind yourself that the goal is to raise a well adjusted member of society, not to appease a tiny dictator. 
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