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Short preschool day

Hello! I have twin 2 year olds and I'm starting to look into preschools for next year (early, but schools fill up quickly in our area). I really like a certain school, but it ends at 11:45 and doesn't serve lunch. I have no problem packing a lunch for them to eat in the car on the way home or stopping somewhere (tons of restaurants), but I just worry that they would be missing out. I know part of preschool is learning to be independent with feeding, cleaning up, sitting and talking with other kids, etc...They would be having snack at preschool. Thanks!
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Re: Short preschool day

  • DD is in full-day preschool at a daycare center.  They do breakfast and lunch, and the kids take turns helping the teachers with lunch set up and clean up.  Are there any full-day programs near you?  If you're concerned about it, maybe the school you're looking at is not for you.  The public school in my area has a half-day preschool program too, but it wouldn't work for our schedule, so DD is just going to the pre-school at her daycare.

    Montessori is really focused on independence, too.  So if that is important to you, maybe see if there is a Montessori program in your area?
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  • My kids went to a preschool that followed this format:

    3 year olds went T/Th from 9 to 11.

    4 year olds went M/W/F from 9 to 11:30.

    5 year olds went 5 days from 12:15 to 3:00.

    So, no one ate lunch at school on a regular basis.  But twice a month the school did a "lunch bunch" for kids entering kindergarten.  The kids from 4s stayed late and the 5s came early.  Even though they didn't do lunch at school every day, it definitely helped my kids get ready for lunch in the cafeteria once they were in school.  They learned how to open their own containers, clean up their own mess, and eat lunch while others are distracting them.
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  • Thanks everyone! I'm a SAHM so I don't need (or want to pay for) full days. I just know some programs go until 12-1 (even at age 3) and serve lunch. It sounds like it's not uncommon though to not have lunch at preschool.
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  • My sons preschool does not do lunches either. Last year they did have snack, but unless they change the requirements they have advised us that this year there won't be a snack. He will be attending M/W/F from 9:30-11:45am.

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  • My kids did/do part-time preschool, too. Snack time is a nice little time for them to socialize. And they spend 30 minutes outside playing, so even though they aren't having lunch, there's quite a bit of unstructured play/social time.
  • Thanks everyone!
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  • DS1 has been in preschool for a little more than a year. The younger group (turned 3 during the school year) went one day a week from 9-1045. This year its from 8:30-11:40. They do have snack. They practice pouring their own drink and serving each other. He is so worn out after school that I'm glad it's a half day.
  • Our preschools haven't been at lunch times either. Dd1 was in daycare up to 3 years and then morning 4K (8:45-11:15). The biggest lunch issue in kindergarten was her not having enough time to finish her food because she was too busy looking around or socializing. Dd2 did 2 yo preschool (2 days 9:15-10:45) and 3 yo preschool (2 days 9:15-11:15) and is now in afternoon 4K (12:30-3:00). The whole point of preschool is for the kids to gain independence, social skills, and good listening skills. Not eating lunch isn't a big deal.
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