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Wednesday To Dos

We have open house tonight so it's a 13 hour day for me.  My ILs decided they were going to come visit for the rest of the week starting tonight.  Joy.

Clean up kitchen
put away diapers
pump like a crazy woman
jamberry my toenails :)
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Re: Wednesday To Dos

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    lol sorry @dizzycooks

    Pool day
    School work during nap
    Make dinner 
    School work after bedtime
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    Freeze spaghetti sauce
    Make 2 year appt for DS
    Clean 1/2 bath
    Finish cleaning master bedroom
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    Clean bathrooms- downstairs done
    Post items on Facebook for sale site
    Make PB&J bars
    More donation stuff- I spent all summer purging and now I have to deal with the items
    Make supper
    Move photos to external hard drive
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    Rehearsal at church
    Sam's Club to pick up photos
    Target to look for frames for said photos
    Clean kitchen
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    Back in the saddle today!

    Start pork roast in crockpot -- check (at 1:30 in the morning lol)
    Post office -- check
    Clean entire upstairs -- check
    Tidy up downstairs -- check
    Empty dishwasher -- check
    Work on basement
    Prep potatoes and veggies to go w/ roast
    Play date at park
    Gelato date w/ a friend after bedtime yay!
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    Gym - check
    Laundry - underway
    Fill out ODS's preschool paperwork - pending as the computer is not working (turned it on and it booted up like a new computer. All stuff gone. Yikes. Hoping a reboot helps)
    YDS vaccinations tonight
    Hot yoga with my BFF (she's been flaky lately so I have a feeling she will bail)
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