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HCG levels after IVF Transfer

Hello everyone!
My DH and I have just been through our first IVF cycle.  Our retrieval was done on 8/7 and the transfer on 8/12.  I had my first blood test on 8/24 and my HCG level was 127, I had my second blood test today 8/26 and it was 360.  My doctor said this was good.  I'm just cautiously optimistic as I suffered a miscarriage last year at 9 weeks and this year in March at 3 weeks.
This being our first IVF cycle I'm just curious and looking for some feedback to ease my worries a little if these levels normal?   

Re: HCG levels after IVF Transfer

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  • Yes, those levels are good. The doubling is more important than the initial number and you have a great doubling time. Chrck out and you can see the range of numbers for how many days past ovulation you are (which is the same as days past ER).

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  • Those #'s look nice and solid to me.  

    For my first IVF my HCG levels were 8dp5dt=126, 10dp5dt=251, 20dp5dt=4362 and it was twins though I lost baby B very early on.  My DD form this cycle is now a happy, spunky, 3 year old.  

    For my first FET my HCG levels were 7dp6dt=12 (yes 12, it sucked that week of beta's) 9dp6dt=31, 13dp6dt=161, 19dp6dt=1820.  My DD from that FET is now 15 months old and thriving.  My RE thought the numbers were low at first because she implanted later. Like PP said it really matters that it is doubling properly.

    I wish you the best of luck for a healthy sticky baby!


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  • I just had my HCG drawn this morning. I am 9dpt of 2 5-day frozen blastocysts.

    My result: 126

    Is that decent?

  • I'm 26 wks along now. First beta was 36! As long as it's doubling, you're doing well! Congrats!
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    I had my first beta done at 14dp3dt and my hcg was 811, from what I'm told its more important that the next test the numbers have doubled.
  • As long as your numbers double between 48-72 hrs it's good. Ivf from frozen embryos are usually lower:) good luck!
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