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How do you fit sleep into your schedule?

SOUND OFF: As a new mom, how do you get sleep when baby is waking up every three hours? Share your tips here!

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Re: How do you fit sleep into your schedule?

  • I sleep those hours too. I'm typically awake for daytime sleep but LO typically sleeps 3 hours at night and wakes to eat/diaper change and sleep three more hours. Anything beyond 6 hours is a bonus. That's more sleep than in those last two months of pregnancy when I tossed and turned all night and woke to pee every hour. So I'm calling it a win.
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  • I rest half my brain at a time, like a dolphin.

    Well, I've never slept much anyway but I rest by zoning out or sleeping standing up for 10 minutes at a time. MiniMe sleeps long enough now at night that it's not an issue but in the beginning, I slept while she slept at night then took 2 naps through the day. I can sleep anywhere so it's never been an issue.
  • My son only wakes up once throughout the night (:
  • It's not DS 2 that's keeping me up it is DS 1 who will be three next month that gets up a few times a night. Right now DS 2 only wakes twice usually around 2-3am and 5-7 am. I am I bed about 10-10:30 at night. I get on average 6-hours of interrupted sleep. I also take a nap when I can when both the boys do.

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  • great ideas! well i have a hard time falling asleep, and honestly i am a night owl, i could be up all night, be very productive and sleep all day. So with DS we arranged our schedule to where we start the night routine at 8pm, with a bath, then i nurse him till he falls asleep. He will basically take a nap, wake up at 9-10pm and i will nurse him again till he is completely full and he will sleep 11:30pm-12am till 5am or so. I wake up when he wakes u and i have learned to love mornings. I make coffee and breakfast, two things i had never done before. I take my time feeding him, watch TV, i pump and start getting ready so i can drop off baby at grandma's by 8am, and be at work by 830am. He takes hour naps during the day, but is awake a lot, he really likes to look around and explore, he is 7weeks old.

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