I feel like we are never going to get licensed.

A woman from DCF called me the other day to say that she reviewed our initial home visit/interview and that we are approved to move forward with the licensing process. HOWEVER... of course there is a however... because we are applying for adoption "only" and not fostering, we are not a priority and there's a good chance we won't be given a spot in the next class, which is supposed to start in September. She said she's going to pass our file along to the woman in charge of the adoption department (or whatever she called it) and then find out if they will be able to fit us into the class.

After I got off the phone with her, I started wondering why the woman would need to review our file before figuring out if there's an open spot in the class. Is she looking at our file to see if we seem good enough to earn a spot in the class?

I 100% understand that they are in desperate need of foster families and not in such need of adoptive families, but this is still so frustrating to me (because I'm human and can't help feeling this way). We started the process on February 4th and may not even get a chance to take the classes until next year... or whenever they decide it's okay for us to take up a spot. :(
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Re: I feel like we are never going to get licensed.

  • I'm sorry, that must be frustrating. I'd call someone and ask for feedback or more details
  • I'm sorry you're dealing with that.  I hope the gal over on the adoption side of things will be easier to work with and keep you moving along!


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  • Crossing all my crossables for you! Our DSS kind of did the same thing to is but we got chosen for our class. Good luck!
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