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Talk to me about brushing baby's teeth

So I'm curious what you are all doing for brushing their teeth.  How many times a day?  Do you use toothpaste?  Do you use a toothbrush or a wet cloth?  If you still nurse or give a bottle to get them to sleep do you wipe afterwards (and risk waking them) or let it go?  If you have an older baby, what did you do with them and did they get cavities?

Re: Talk to me about brushing baby's teeth

  • We wipe LO's teeth twice a day with either a toothbrush or a cloth.  No toothpaste.  At bedtime he falls asleep on a bottle or on the breast.  Lately I've been trying to wipe his teeth afterwards but I also don't want to wake him as he HATES having his teeth cleaned.  He only has two teeth now with a third just coming in but I'm not sure what we'll do when he gets more.
  • I wish I could do more but she just bites the tooth brush. I try brushing the top and bottom teeth and side gums but it lasts about 20 seconds and she bites down and won't release the brush.

    I let her play with it for a bit so she can explore with the toothbrush in her mouth (she usually sucks the water off).

    As far as brushing post bed bottle, there's no way I would, even with a cloth because she is not a heavy sleeper and I don't want to risk waking her or fighting her back to sleep. I'm sure that's bad but whatever.

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  • I brush in the morning and at night. I use a toothbrush and an all natural baby's toothpaste made by Weleda. She nurses right before bed and I don't wipe them after.
  • I usually wipe with a cloth after breakfast and if I remember after lunch too, then at bed time I brush her teeth with a toothbrush and water. She nurses to sleep and I don't wipe her teeth if she's sleeping.
  • We brush twice a day at the same time that H or I are brushing. I usually get a few swipes on her teeth before she takes it and rubs it on her gums or chews it. We use water only. I nurse her to sleep and a few times overnight, so no brushing there.



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    I only do once a day no toothpaste in early evening. She does get a bottle befor bed. When she's off formula, brushing her teeth will be the last thing we do before bed.

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  • This post made me remember that I forget to do this ALL the time :(
    Don't worry, you are not alone.
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  • We mainly brush with a toothbrush and water in the morning.  I hold him while I'm brushing my teeth and then I brush his teeth.  He really likes to imitate people so its easy to brush his teeth after he's seen me do it.
  • We brush once a day at bath time with all natural toothpaste, although really it's more biting at this point. But at least we are learning!
  • We've been brushing since 5 months. Ideally I'd brush his teeth twice daily, but in reality it's only 6-8x/wk. No toothpaste.
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  • Looks like everyone is on about the same page. Thanks for the replies ladies!
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