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All summer I haven't put much sunscreen on LO.  I am very careful to keep him in the shade and minimize sun exposure in other ways.  I wasn't too crazy about putting those chemicals on his skin especially because my skin breaks out from almost anything.  Also he hates hats and rips them off his head or cries bloody murder if there is a strap that prevents him taking off the hat.  He started daycare two weeks ago and I sent him with special sunscreen that has less chemicals.  At daycare they take the kids out to the park twice a day and even use walks to help them nap.  I'm okay with all of that. I am a little unhappy about the sunscreen though.  They SLATHER him with it!  Today he had sunscreen on his eyelids, piled up in his ears, in his hair, in all the creases on his neck, basically everywhere.  We are African Canadian and I could see the white streaks all over his face and arms.  He also reeked of sunscreen.  I gave him a good bath right when he got home but I could still smell it on him when I rocked him to bed tonight. 

My question is, am I being a helicopter Mom to ask the daycare to wipe him down when they come inside or use it a bit sparingly?  On the one hand I like that they are so concerned about sun-safety but on the other hand I know with that much sunscreen around he's eating a fair amount of it and I really don't like it getting in his eyes.  So should I just let it go?  TIA

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  • Being a SAHM I haven't run into this yet but I personally use sunscreen very sparingly on LO. I usually stick to shadier areas if we are going to be out for a while or put her in something with sleeves if it's not too hot and avoid the sunscreen all together. If I do put it on her I usually give her bath when we get home just because I find it leaves her a bit greasy.
    I'm sure in a daycare with a bunch of kids they need to get sunscreen on they prob just lather it on thick and quick making sure they are hitting all the areas rather than being concerned with the amount they are putting on.
    I think if it happened again I might just mention that they could use a little less ;) as you aren't crazy about using it in the first place but you do appreciate their safety in regards to sunlight exposure
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    If it were me, I would rather them use more then enough then not enough. If my girls are gonna be out in the sun for over 20 mins I put on sunscreen. The sun is dangerous for everyone especially little ones. How long are they outside for? If they don't keep him in the shade, I would just let them do their job and just ask they be a little more careful around the eyes and mouth.

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  • Thanks for the insight ladies! Especially @Brennadaun‌ about the guidelines. I will turn off my mama bear for this one.
  • If you do want to bring it up, maybe spin it so it's more about something baby does, rather than what they are doing wrong. Instead if saying "I noticed you put a lot of sunscreen around his eyes...) say something like "I've noticed he's been rubbing his eyes a ton when he goes outside, would you mind being cautious with the sunscreen, I'm afraid he might rub it in."

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  • Ohhh @krose0713‌ that's a good one! I wull remember that wording!
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